What Does The Name Aphelios Mean?

What race is Aphelios?

Who is Aphelios.

Aphelios is a part of the ancient religious order Lunari that lives in the caves of Mount Targon, a home for celestial beings such as himself.

Solari, the worshipers of the sun, think of the Lunari as heretics.

This is why the Lunari live as outcasts trying to defend their faith in the moon..

What does the name mihret mean?

MercyAccording to 2 people from the United States and Italy, the name Mihret is of African origin and means “Mercy or forgiveness”. … 3 people from Arizona, U.S. agree the name Mihret is of African origin and means “Mercy”.

Is Aphelios a boy?

Aphelios is a Lunari assassin who finds no pleasure in killing. But he still kills… and he’s not alone.

What does the name Amanti mean?

Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese: from amante ‘lover’, used in the Middle Ages as a Christian baptismal name, in the sense ‘he who loves God’.

Why is Sona mute?

It seems she is mute: Sona has no memory of her true parents. As an infant, found abandoned on the doorstep of an Ionian adoption house, nestled atop an ancient instrument in an exquisite case of unknown origins. She was an unusually well-behaved child, always quiet and content.

Who made Aphelios?

Bradford ‘CertainlyT’ WenbanThe Loop (Games) Bradford ‘CertainlyT’ Wenban is a Senior Game Designer on a Research & Development Project at Riot Games Inc.

Will Aphelios be nerfed?

Aphelios nerfed in Patch 2.3. … In Patch 2.3. 0, Aphelios’ based stats will be nerfed to give him less survivability.

Is Aphelios sister dead?

His twin sister. Alune is already a dead soul that is guiding Aphelios through his journey and always comforting him in struggles.

Who is Aphelios sister?

AluneBorn during a rare lunar convergence, when the physical moon was eclipsed by its reflection in the spirit realm, Aphelios and his twin sister, Alune, were celebrated as children of destiny by those of Targon’s Lunari faith.