Quick Answer: How Much Is Jayne Torvill Worth?

How tall is Jayne Torvill?

1.6 mJayne Torvill/Height.

Is Jayne Torvill still married 2020?

Torvill currently resides in East Sussex, England, with her husband Phil Christensen and their adopted children Kieran and Jessica.

How much is Jane Torvill worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jayne is worth a whopping £6million thanks to her successful career.

Did Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have a relationship?

Torvill and Dean on love and friendship Jayne married Phil Christensen in 1990, while Christopher has been married twice before and is now in a long-term relationship with Karen Barber (who has also starred as a judge on Dancing on Ice).

How rich are Torvill and Dean?

British ice dancer Jayne has a net worth of £6million, according to website CelebrityNetWorth. Meanwhile, fellow skating champ Dean has a £5million in the bank, said the net worth site.

Are Torvill and Dean married?

While many people mistakenly believe she is in a relationship with her Dancing on Ice judge and skating partner Christopher Dean, Jayne has actually been married for 30 years, and has two children. Get to know more about the 63-year-old skating star’s family here…

How much is Christopher Dean Worth?

How much is Christopher Dean Worth? Christopher Dean net worth: Christopher Dean is an English ice dancer who has a net worth of $7 million. Christopher Dean was born in Calverton, Nottinghamshire, England in July 1958.

How old is Jayne Torvill?

63 years (October 7, 1957)Jayne Torvill/Age

Do Torvill and Dean still skate together?

The skating sensations, aged 63 and 62, have been dazzling on the ice for almost 40 years since their incredible routine at the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics. … The duo added that while they still love performing and can do it to a level ‘they’re happy with’ they’ll continue on the ice.

Did Torvill and Dean win gold in 1994?

And Torvill and Dean, the old-timers who were the first to achieve skating perfection when they won the Olympic gold 10 years ago in Sarajevo, were awarded the bronze. “We were not a party to what was happening,” said Dean, after the couple was dropped from first to third in the third phase of the competition.