Quick Answer: Did Arbiter Kill Noble Six?

Does Master Chief know Noble Six?


The Master Chief and most Spartan-IIs don’t know about Spartan-IIIs until after the Onyx Conflict.

He was asleep on the autumn when noble 6 brought Cortana to captain Keyes.

So unless someone debriefed him on how the Cortana package made it to him I don’t think he would know..

How many Spartan 2s are left?

Sixteen Spartan-IIs are known to have survived the Covenant War: John-117, Frederic-104, Kelly-087, Linda-058, Naomi-010, Jai-006, Adriana-111, Michael-120, Leon-011, Robert-025, August-099, Randall-037, Otto-031, Victor-101, Margaret-053, and Roma-143; the last five have since been killed.

What happened to the original noble 6?

Ideal Logic The original Noble-6 was Thom-A293. … Thom-A293 was a SPARTAN-III commando who served as a member of the UNSC Navy during the Human-Covenant war. He was originally part of Alpha Company but he was eventually transferred to Noble Team. He sacrificed himself in spring 2552 to destroy a Covenant cruiser.

Why did Noble 6 have to die?

Noble Six HAD to die regarding the chronological integrity of the whole Halo storyline. That’s not true at all. Other Spartans, soldiers, and people made it off Reach and the canon is fine. Halsey, Buck, and Jun are the survivors that come quickest to mind.

Is Noble 6 as strong as Master Chief?

Master Chief is a SPARTAN-II while Noble 6 comes from the III series. … Master Chief as a II series has been enhanced to a higher genetic level, and had his bone and muscle structure changed to be physically larger, stronger, and faster.

Why did Cortana choose Noble 6?

Cortana chose Noble 6 to carry her to the evacuation shuttle because she felt Noble 6 was best qualified to do so… the same way she felt Master Chief was her best personality match. … During this time Master Chief had been fighting in other action on Reach and was making his way to the Pillar of Autumn for evacuation.

Did Noble Six Survive?

Noble 6 may have survived. If you pay close attention to the cut scene or use mods to view it from different angles Noble 6 avoids all but 1 energy sword or knife stab. The only injury he suffers is a stab to his right shoulder area.

Who is stronger Master Chief vs agent Locke?

Without armor Chief is stronger and faster. In Armor they are actually physically fairly even due to how much gen 2 armor enhances Spartan Locke . However Chief still wins due to llitteral decades of experience over the young Spartan .

Is Noble 6 a girl?

Noble 6 is canonically a male.

Is Noble 6 a headhunter?

He was arguably the best SII team leader which is why he did so well, but Noble 6 was a lone wolf for most of his time in the UNSC. He was in the CAT-II program, possibly became a Headhunter, received MJOLNIR armor which was rare for SIIIs, and was literally some ONI agent’s personal grim reaper.

Is Noble 6 hyper lethal?

Interestingly enough, Noble 6 and The Master Chief are the only Spartans be classed as “hyper-lethal”.

What happened Spartan Jun?

Jun survived the battle of Reach and went on to train the new Spartan IVs with Spartan II washout Musa. He gets involved in an insurrectionist takeover of the nearly completed UNSC Infinity and defends himself with a shotgun while wearing a suit (I feel this extra information was important :P).

Did arbiter kill Noble 6?

Actually It wasn’t just a Sangheili Zealot that killed him, the last elite that stepped into the screen before he died, was the Arbiter. … Thel, the Arbiter, was leading the Fleet of Particular Justice to chase after the Pillar of Autumn at the point Noble Six is killed.

Is the Master Chief a girl?

Nope, Master Chief is not a woman. As seen at the end of Halo 4.

Who Killed Kat in Halo Reach?

As Noble Team exited the elevator and ran towards the bunker, a Sangheili Field Marshal of the Devoted Sentries in a Phantom overhead shot Kat through the head with a needle rifle, killing her instantly. When the surviving members of Noble Team were extracted on August 26, Carter carried her body out of the bunker.

Is Noble Six A Spartan 2?

SPARTAN-B312, better known as Noble Six, was a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, attached to Special Warfare Group Three.

Did all of Noble Team die?

Three members of the team gave their lives for the mission, leaving only one member of the team still alive as the other two died during the Fall of Reach.

Who Killed Noble 6?

SangheiliNoble Six was finally pinned to the ground and killed by a group of high-ranking Sangheili. His helmet, which had been dropped shortly before his death, was left in the glassed wasteland and remained alone there for 37 years, by which time the surrounding area had been re-terraformed.

Can you beat Lone Wolf in Halo Reach?

It is impossible to beat this level no matter how skilled the player is. Attempting to escape will result in death from the kill boundaries. Lone Wolf is the first and only playable post-credits sequence ever in a Halo game. This is the only playable level in Halo: Reach that contains just one data pad.

How long can you last in Lone Wolf?

One hour alone on Normal.