Question: Who Is Stronger Tusk Act 4 Or D4C?

How do you get tusk in Act 4 of heaven?

You can only activate Tusk 4 through “Infinite Rotation” from tusk 3..

Can Ger beat Tusk Act 4?

Yes but araki confirmed that no one but tusk act 4 can get rid of the infinite spin. It Means Ger can just revert the cause but he cants revert the effect.

Is Tusk Act 4 stronger than Star Platinum?

Star Platinum has an A, and Tusk Act 4 has a B. Literally look at the stats and there you go. Besides, Star Platinum has been said to exceed the speed of light, and Tusk Act 4 can’t apply to that. So it’s definite that Star Platinum is faster.

Can Tusk Act 4 move in stopped time?

Infinite Rotation Moreover, Tusk ACT4 defies the laws of gravity and therefore can move slightly and probably still influence Diego during the stopped time. The damage caused by the rotation is stated to be probably infinite as well.

Why did Star Platinum get weaker?

Star Platinum may have gotten slightly weaker overall. However, the main reason Josuke got the upper hand is because he caught Jotaro off guard and didn’t give him much of a chance to prepare himself. Not only that, but Crazy Diamond’s strength, speed, and precision are very close to that of Star Platinum.

What part is tusk Act 4 in?

Tusk (タスク (牙) Tasuku, sometimes written as 爪) is the Stand of Johnny Joestar, featured in the seventh part of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run. Similar to Part 4’s Echoes, Tusk takes various forms, or “ACT”s….Developmental Potential.StaminaPrecisionDevelopmental PotentialBEA6 days ago

Who is the strongest Joestar?

GiornoGiorno. Of all, Giorno is the youngest one, yet he is indeed the most powerful one….So,I’ll say every Joestar,from strongest to weakest:Giorno Giovanna (GER);Johnny (Tusk act 4);Jotaro Kujo;Gappy;Josuke;Jolyne;Joseph;Jonathan.

Can Giorno beat Saitama?

Saitama has con entail physical durability. … However, Giorno’s power could just as well be indefinate as Saitama’s invulnerability and easily trigger its loop with his death. But what if it’s only in death when the loop occurs, then Saitama would win easily because he could take on the damage without death.

Who has tusk Act 4?

Johnny JoestarOverview. Tusk Act 4 is a long ranged Stand used by Johnny Joestar in Part 7 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run.

Can Ger beat Kars?

GER can kill Kars. In one of it’s descriptions it literally says: “Whoever is hit by it’s ability (punched) will have even his death turned to zero (infinite death loop).”

Who Killed Johnny Joestar?

Cutting his leg off and throwing it at Johnny, Diego manages to beat the Spin User with his own technique. He then remounts his horse and leaves Johnny to die. Having lost the race, the corpse and now dying as a result of his own attack, Johnny nearly sinks into despair.

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