Question: Who Is Father Of Dhanush?

How tall is Dhanush in FEET?

1.68 mDhanush/Height.

Who is the father in law of Dhanush?


Anirudh made his debut as a music composer in his cousin Aishwarya R. Dhanush’s directorial debut 3, starring Dhanush.

Who is selvaraghavan brother?


Is NGK hit or flop?

It is the same in the case of Suriya’s ‘NGK’ directed by Selvaraghavan declared a flop by the media but a lucrative venture according to it producer himself. There is much more in the video below about a Suriya-Karthi combo movie, ‘Ratchasi’ and the art of producing films.

Who is mass hero in India?

VijayVijay in Pokkiri Ilayathalapathy Vijay is still the man of the masses. According to a recent survey done by a marketing agency, after Rajinikanth, Vijay s face has the biggest reach in Tamil Nadu.

Why did Sonia Agarwal get divorced?

Selva and Sonia had opted for divorce citing mutual incompatibility as the reason. What is surprising here is the couple has known each other well before the wedding and were courting before they tied the nuptial knot.

How old is Dhanush?

37 years (July 28, 1983)Dhanush/Age

What is Dhanush real name?

Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri RajaDhanush/Full nameHis real name is Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja. Dhanush is only the stage name that he opted for, when he entered the film industry.

What is Dhanush mother tongue?

Actually his mother tongue is Telugu – Lagadapati Sridhar.

Is selvaraghavan Dhanush brother?

Selvaraghavan was born to film director Kasthuri Raja and Vijayalakshmi. He has a brother, Dhanush, who is an actor, and two sisters, who are both doctors.

Is vetrimaran Dhanush brother?

Vetrimaaran and I are brothers: Dhanush.

Where was rowdy baby filmed?

ChennaiThe video see the film’s lead pair, Dhanush and Sai Pallavi dancing to the tune in a set at the AVM studios in Chennai.