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Yadu Troopers, Tactical Assault Teams are resilient Medium Infantry that serve a similar battlefield role to most factions' Heavy Infantry. They have a variety of tools on both attack and defense, and are versatile tools in both Vanilla ALEPH and OSS.

Yadu Troopers Profile.png

Offensive Tools

As befits a toolbox-y, expensive medium infantry unit Yadu have access to some great offensive tools that span most range bands. They lack the very longest range weapons, but make up for it in Vanilla through supporting units, and in OSS through wildcard options. Yadu are at their best at short to mid range, and have access to an HMG for pushing.

  • Multi-rifle and E/Marat: The 'basic' combat profile that you'll want to be using. The Multi-rifle gives you good access to short/mid range shock and AP ammo for regular combat duties against a wide range of opponents, and a DA/Anti-materiel mode for missions. The E/Marat is a potent template weapon (especially in a link team) against anything hackable.
  • Heavy Rocket Launcher: One of your two long-range options. While not as fantastic a weapon as a missile launcher, the HRL still drops good templates and causes dangerous Fire damage. This could be your ARO threat, or it could be an active piece that is able to threaten enemy clusters of infantry. It's favorite targets are line infantry link teams, anything that has camouflage, and Tohaa.
  • HMG: The most versatile long-range weapon in the game is still great here. Even better, the profile has NCO to add a bit of extra order efficiency to your list.
  • Assault Hacker/Boarding Shotgun: The only unfortunate part here is that the Yadu's only boarding shotgun option is tied to a hacking device. This means that your best close-range Yadu turns into a hackable target (one of the main perks of Yadu in general) and is stuck with an Assault hacking device instead of something more versatile. If you're regularly hunting TAGs this can be a good choice, but the added cost and SWC of the AHD means it's a very niche choice in an otherwise brilliant line-up. Even then, an E/Marat profile may be a more versatile option in a wider array of situations (including HI and REMs).
  • Combi-rifle and E/Marat: Available on your other specialist options (most notably the Forward Observer), the profile is trading firepower for the ability to complete objectives. If you really need a specialist there's nothing inherently wrong with these Yadu, but there are much better link filling choices (Shakti), and better specialists (Nagas, Dasyus, Proxy FO, Devas, etc...) available in both OSS and Vanilla.

Defensive Tools

The key stats here are V:NWI, Shock Immunity, and armor/BTS 3. Some profiles also have drop bears to complicate approach lanes, and an E/Marat to stop rambo units cold. Of all these, the E/Marat is the most dangerous to use in ARO; but the effective 2 wounds can help pad the Yadu's odds of surviving the encounter and isolating the opposing unit.

Despite having Shock immunity, the Yadu are still vulnerable to Viral attacks.

Special Tricks

Yadu have Veteran L1 and are medium infantry. This means that they don't suffer loss of lieutenant, don't suffer isolated states, and aren't hackable. This makes them an incredibly powerful core team that acts much like a traditional Pain Train in OSS, or as reliable support pieces in vanilla. Use Yadu in places where you would like to use Heavy Infantry, but are worried about tradition HI counters. Also use them if you regularly face opponents with jammers that you would like to remove or nullify.


Viral is an obvious counter, but anything that will force lots of saves will eventually take them down. If they're in a link team, picking out the weakest element (potentially a REM or a combi-rifle armed specialist) will be your best bet. Alternatively, a couple of the Yadu profiles are hackable, and lack good backup in the hacking game.

Remember that with Veteran L1, lieutenant hunting and isolation won't work against them, so you'll need less conventional methods to negate their danger. Most likely, outranging their weapons or dropping smoke on top of them will be good options.

List Composition

As powerful, multi-purpose units, the Yadu benefit from the many ways they can fit into a list. They shine in OSS, but can also fit into Vanilla as a backup attack piece. In Vanilla, they will struggle to be a good mission specialist (too expensive for a random inclusion, and without the tools to deliver themselves to an objective in a pinch), while in OSS they can provide link filler and a reliable specialist that can be moved up the board in several links.

In OSS, they have several link options that can fit into many different list types:

  • Core: The Yadu make an expensive (but potent) core along the lines of a traditional Pain Train. They benefit from being unhackable (minus Shakti and the AHD) and have options for improving their tools through the Rudra and Samekh FTO. You'll be building your list around the Yadu Core and it will prevent you from taking some of the other fantastic options that OSS offers. Make sure to support it with some backup specialists.
  • Haris: Yadu have some fantastic Haris options that can slot in as a small footprint, potent, flexible attack pieces and specialist bodyguards. This limits your exposure to their cost and lets you bring other tools to bear. Add in the Asura if you need a dependable attack piece, a Rudras for board control/TAG hunting, a Deva for a cheap(er) specialist, or go with 3 Yadu for the flexibility their profiles offer. Remember that Shakti has the Haris skill for 'free' and is a good inclusion anyways.
  • Duo: Two Yadu paired together make a lightweight tool for any hole in your list. Use them to move a specialist up the board, pair Shakti with a Rudras, or have an HMG and Multi-rifle pair up to provide 4 effective wounds with guns at any range.


In the current season Yadu will get Forward Deployment L1. Make sure to start them out in total cover and spread them out to defend against templates. See if you can set them up in a spot that allows their excellent mid and short range weapons to shine.

Active Turn Role

Yadu are great attackers and bodyguards. Pick the weapon profile that fits the range band you need covered, and use them to clear out threats to your other units.

ARO Options

The Heavy Rocket Launcher is the Yadus' main ARO threat, but several profiles also bring along E/Marats for close-in defense. Multi-rifles also come with a wide range of ammo types to make a shot dangerous to whoever is approaching. In all cases though these are 'defensive' ARO options instead of primary ARO threats. Rely on your more traditional ARO options if you need something to slot into your list.