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Version 1.0

  • Complete the layout design
    • Pick fonts
    • Add icons here and there. It would be cute if the external link one used a hexagon in place of the square
    • Left hand menu
    • Tweaks to the menus, analysis of specific pages for improvements
    • Convert the dot in the background image into hexes, because infinity. Probably rounded corner hexes, see mayacast.
    • Move away from black on white into grey on grey
    • check the style of the search dropdown
  • Create and design the templates
    • Based after the unit profiles look, both infoboxes and navboxes
      • Started on navboxes, need to make them way cooler. Probably gonna use the logos for each faction. Need to considering having some faction titles being in white and some in black.
    • messageboxes design, probably using the "hacker circles" look
  • set up email sending for authentication
  • harden authentication
  • inspect further extensions
    • Visual Editor
  • Write manual of style
  • Mobile theme (this is gonna take a while to get to)
  • Favicon
  • Homepage content

Version 2.0

  • Create pages for common terms (cheerleader, smoke trick, etc)
  • Set up live editing
  • More semantic mediawiki "magic"