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The Hùsòng Yáokòng is YuJing's version of a Remote type available to most factions with little difference between them, generally called the "Total Reaction Remote", "Reaction Bot" or "TR Bot".

Like its matching remotes in other factions it has a Heavy Machine Gun, Total Reaction and 360° visor which together make it an excellent board control piece.

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Offensive Tools

Equiped with the potent Heavy Machine Gun, it has only an average BS and so is unreliable against high quality enemies. However due to being a remote it can be improved with the Assisted Fire Supportware program allowing it to have Marksman Level 2, granting it Shock ammo and allowing it to ignore the Partial Cover BS modifier.

Defensive Tools

A reaction bot has a 360° Visor and Total Reaction, allowing it full burst with its HMG in ARO. Most opponents will be cautious when engaging one and look to take them out with heavy modifiers such as ODD or TO Camouflage.

Reaction bots are almost always better off shooting than Dodging, if they have the option, because of Total Reaction and the usual -3 penalty on Dodges and Change Facings that REM troopers suffer. A TR Bot's Silhouette is vertically smaller than a standard trooper, making it easier for them to take some kinds of cover; which they will need as they cannot go prone.

Having G: Remote Presence gives this unit a second Unconscious state and allows you to spend Command Tokens to reroll failed Engineer attempts. In effect, it takes one more wound than normal to remove them from the table. They also ignore the "straight to dead" effect of Viral and Shock ammunition due to having Structure instead of Wounds, which combined with typically defensive positions makes them relatively easy to repair or expensive for your opponent to prevent you repairing them.

Special Tricks

TR Bots benefit from the Assisted Fire supportware program more than most since it will always be firing at a high burst. However it lacks a repeater, so keep your hacker or a repeater nearby.


A model which can apply a -12 to hit, such as one with Cover and Camouflage using Surprise Shot from within 8" or outside of 32" will prevent a TR Bot from shooting in response. Surprise Attack makes this even easier as do troopers with ODD or TO camouflage, Nimbus grenades, or MSV troops shooting through smoke. Remember that a TR bot has ~20% chance of a critical on any given shot, so it is best to give it no chance.

Depending on terrain, smoke grenades can allow you to bypass a TR Bot's line of sight entirely.

If the situation allows it Direct Template attacks are a good tool against reaction bots. Either the remote shoots, likely obliterating the attacker but suffering the hit, or it dodges needing a 7.

List Composition

Reaction bots are good where holding ground is key.

Having an Engineer (or the G:Servant of one) nearby means your opponent will have to either spend more orders finishing off your remote or face it again next turn.

A hacker capable of applying Supportware provides the option of giving the bot Marksmanship2, a significant upgrade.


Resist the urge to place a TR Bot in the highest, best field of fire: it will be out shot from longer range, or by a "Sweeper" troop taken to kill over-ambitious ARO troops. It is best to pick a long field that the enemy has to approach through, but which still gives you Total Cover from most of the board; and ideally the option to push forward on a flank later in the game if things go well.

Especially with second turn a TR Bot is a good reserve model to be sure you are counter deploying it against its best targets. This is especially true against enemies with many impetuous troops, which it will happily mow down before the active turn properly begins if your opponent isn't cautious with deployment and careful with smoke placement.

Against camouflage heavy lists, it is also nice to have another trooper watching the same area as the TR Bot so that it can hold it's ARO while the trooper Discovers any advancing Camouflage Markers.

One way to view bringing a reaction bot it is to accept that those points are already dead. At worst, your enemy will have to spend one order to remove it, likely more if you have an Engineer. At best, they will spend a dozen losing several models to do so. Accepting that they can be lost trivially will help in playing the rest of your list, but if they survive they can also provide firepower late in the game.

Active Turn Role

Although primarily used defensively, these remotes can be used on the active turn to win firefights with weight of fire, especially with the Assisted Fire Supportware. Although not good enough to be the primary firepower of a list, this is still a fast moving HMG and can do significant damage firing across from a flank.

ARO Options

AROs are the main purpose of these robots. Be sure to count your modifiers before declaring that you will Shoot, as Enemies with TO Camouflage or ODD can easily apply enough penalties to leave you completely unable to hit.

G: Remote Presence also grants Courage meaning it can always choose to not take a Guts roll and stay in position to ARO. Although choosing to fail Guts and retreat to safety can be wise: if an enemy troop beat you once they probably have a good chance of doing it again.

In melee it's poor CC stat means it will almost always be better to use Electric Pulse and hope for a poor roll from the opponent (a 35% chance) than to try and fight it out.

Counter-intuitive though is seems, it can occasionally be worth putting a reaction bot into Suppression Fire just to have the option between different weapon profiles.