Zúyŏng Invincibles, Terra-cotta Soldiers

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Offensive Tools

Solid but no frills Heavy Infantry with a nice SWC discount for an HMG with the Lieutenant & AutoMedikit option (39 points SWC-1). The skills aren't quite as good as Wu Ming (CC-1, PH-1 and ARM-1) and with a matching HMG configuration the Zuyong is 4 points cheaper. The combined Lieutenant/HMG/AutoMedikit option with the discount SWC makes it a very tempting configuration.

Defensive Tools

The PH-12 and ARM-3 are good, but not great.

Special Tricks


The lower ARM for Heavy Infantry makes the Zuyong a softer target at times - at least compared to other Heavy Infantry options. The option to take out an HMG is a tempting move.

List Composition


Choose a nice lane of fire and setup in cover. Get the Zuyong into suppressive fire with the HMG as soon as possible so he can help hamper the enemy as often as possible. With the BS-13 this guy deserves a prime spot.

Active Turn Role

ARO Options

With good BS-13 and decent PH-12 a Zuyong Invincible should be able to strike back as often as he dodges. The lower ARM makes dodges more favorable in most circumstances.