Yaogat Strike Infantry

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Yaogat Strike Infantry.jpg
One of four MSV2 units in the Combined Army Yaogat Strike Infantry are a Morat medium infantry unit. They bring high armor and a host of weapon options on an expensive base profile.

Yaogat Strike Infantry Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Yaogots have a role as shooters to exploit their MSV2 and decent shooting stats. The base profile is armed with a panzerfaust and combi rifle and for additional SWC they have options for a Multi Sniper Rifle, Spitfire, Boarding Shotgun or hacker with grenades. In the Morat Aggression Forces they can also form a core fireteam or a Harris team.

Defensive Tools

Besides high Morat PH the Yaogot come standard with ARM 3 making them fairly durable against small arms, especially when in cover.

Special Tricks

Yaogot do best when they can fire through smoke provided by a Daturazi or Oznat, so they can stack modifiers in their favor and force opponents to dodge.

A Yaogot with Panzerfaust and Combi rifle can go into suppression fire and if shot outside of 24" still be quite deadly in ARO. This profile also make a fine Lieutenant in the Morat Sectorial allowing you to bring a MSV without the usual heavy SWC tax.

The Hacker profile has grenades meaning he can Spotlight a unit, then speculative fire onto it with great effectiveness. Alternately, when in a 5 strong link, he can speculative fire without Targeting first and still be rolling at 12s within 8" of the target. Because the Yaogot hacker is a Morat, he will also ignore the isolated state allowing him to keep hacking an acting as normal even when hit with Oblivion.


Yaogots have no BTS so breaker, viral, and plasma weapons are good against them. Even ARM 3 is not that reliable and they will go down to weight of fire. They are also not great Melee fighters and will lose to even minor melee specialists.

Because all Yaogot have MSV2 they are very vulnerable to White Noise which can leave them blind and sitting ducks.

List Composition

Yaogots are expensive and likely you wont bring more than one in a generic list. They fill an anti-camo or ODD niche well, and offer the Morat rule should you enter loss of Lieutenant allow you to keep at least a few regular orders.

In the Morat Aggression forces Yaogots can form an expensive core link, but should always have plenty of Datarazi to provide smoke for them. The Harris link is probably a better option allowing you to get extra burst for one of the SWC weapons without the full investment of a 150+ point link team of single wound models.


Yaogots want to be in a position to deal with enemy camo and ODD models. They can be used to kill other troops as well, but given the points invested in their MSV, making use of it is important. While it is tempting to put a Yaogot sniper on ARO on a high tower, they don't have the durability for that job. Just like their fluff they should act as jackals, hiding in cover and picking off their prey piecemeal from relative safety.

Active Turn Role

Yaogot's should look to remove those troops that the rest of your forces find hard to deal with, namely camouflage, ODD and the like. Once they are removed, the Yaogot's main job is done and they can move on to killing other enemies, or retreat to the backfield to preserve their high point cost and orders for someone else.

ARO Options

Yaogots have no special options for ARO that other troops do not but the Panzerfaust profiles should give opponents pause. In a link, they will burn both of their panzerfausts in one go, but the weapon has good range bands and a single hit from it likely removes the active model. Never forget though that Yaogots have PH 12 allowing them to often dodge as well as they shoot. Sometimes taking cover is the best option.