Yān Huǒ Invicibles, Fire Support Heavy Regiment

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Offensive Tools

The Yan Huo brings the biggest guns to the field with heavy armor, and not much else. It has three main weapons options: Hyper-rapid Magnetic Cannon (5 dice, light-MULTI, and Damage 15), MULTI-HMG (a weapon exclusively found on TAGs elsewhere), and twin missile launchers (burst 2 outside of a link). It boasts a high BS14 to shoot its weapons, and has excellent long-range bands on all of its weapons. All it lacks is a close-in weapon.

The HRMC is an active-turn meat grinder that wants to tear apart link teams and heavy infantry (or even TAGs when it gets the chance). It is not a subtle weapon and the Yan Huo lacks other modifiers to support its gun, but it's high burst can help make up for the lack of mods. Since the inception of HMGs in powerful HI link teams, it has fallen a bit behind in terms of sheer power, but it is a lone platform that can bring the weapon and burst to bear without requiring a large expenditure of points in supporting elements.

Likewise, twin missile launchers give you burst 2 on a durable HI outside of an expensive link. While this can be useful on an active turn, the defensive neurocinetics profile is probably the more useful of the two. As with the HRMC, the Yan Huo lacks the ability to pile on mods or counter tricks from the enemy which is much more painful on a burst 2 weapon than a burst 5 weapon.

Lastly, the Multi-HMG is probably the weakest profile right now. It has worse range bands compared to the HRMC, lacks a die in burst, and lacks an official sculpt... all while being only one point less than the HRMC profile and the same SWC cost. Don't take this profile right now, pending the release of the 3rd Offensive book.

Defensive Tools

The Yan Huo relies on its heavy armor as its main defensive tool. Despite that, it needs to be in cover to protect itself against anti-HI direct threats, and needs backup to protect itself against hackers. Sheer intimidation will serve the Yan Huo as well as anything.

Special Tricks

The Yan Huo is not about fancy tricks, it's about heavy armor and big guns. Leave the shifty tactics to the Guilangs, Daofei, and Hac Tao.


A head-first attack on a Yan Huo is a bad idea. Instead try hackers, smoke+MSV2, and heavy template weapons to force lots of saves.

List Composition

The Yan Huo HRMC is best included as a powerful (but relatively cheap) primary gunfighter in an alpha-strike list. It needs to be backed up by something that can fight off trickier opponents (TO Camo, stealth, close-range threats, etc), but can be a solid core element to the list. At 50 points it's an investment, but not as crippling as something like a TAG or Hac Tao.

On the opposite side, the 2ML platform provides a solid ARO threat in an objective-focused list. Backing it up with surrounding ARO threats is a must because a dedicated trick-based gunfighter (like a MSV2 model in cover, firing from smoke) will cause it major problems or eliminate it immediately. Keep a doctor or palbot nearby to heal the Yan Huo if it falls.


This will depend heavily on whether you go first or second. If you're going second, put the Yan Huo somewhere the enemy will need to dig it out and make their life difficult getting there. An HRMC Yan Huo is a priority target, and you can rely on that prioritization to draw your opponent into traps. Guilang minelayers, killer hackers, templates, and your usual ARO tricks can all be sprinkled down between your opponent's DZ and your Yan Huo.

Same with the Neurocinetics missile launcher, but put it in a place where it can also ARO.

Active Turn Role

The Yan Huo HRMC's job is to sit in cover and eliminate any traditional gunfighter in the opposing list at range. It wants to start in total cover, and peek out to shoot at a single target at a time. The HRMC's +3 range band will eliminate cover bonuses, and the BS14 will provide some padding against mods like camouflage or suppressive fire. Likewise, it's long-range 0 band can help it outrange traditional threats like HMGs.

Using those benefits, the burst 5 can help balance out the threat of a single enemy ARO die (or even 2) on decent mods. Beware though as mods start tipping beyond -3 overall.

Remember that the 4-2 movement will slow you down more than you think. Move from cover-to-cover as much as possible, and try to shoot during each action to mitigate the lack of speed.

ARO Options

With heavy armor and Neurocinetics, the dual missile launcher/tinbot profile can stick itself in cover over a commanding firelane and force the enemy to dig it out. Your opponent will be able to accomplish that task, but the order sink required will likely be huge. Beware of putting it out against targets that can use things like Surprise Shot, but don't be afraid to use it as a fire magnet to draw your opponent in and spring other traps on them.