Xeodron Batroids

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Small, light TAGs, the Xeodron Batroids are Combined Army's answer to the Gekko. One of the weapons of the Ur Hegemony inherited by the EI, the Xeodrons were created as heavy soliders. These cheap TAGs pack a punch, and can be fielded in a Harris Fireteam in Onyx sectorial.

Xeodron Batroids Profile.png

Offensive Tools

The Xeodron have three profiles all with Heavy Pistol and Blitzen. From there you have to decide between Red Fury, K1 Combi, or a Multi rifle offering (respectively) anti-trooper, anti-armor, or flexible target weapons. This gives the Batroids a good weapon in most range bands and BS 13 to use it with. Additionally, they have Super Jump allowing them to get to some firing positions other units can't. In CC they suffer though, being barely better than a line trooper, albeit, one with significant armor and structure.

Defensive Tools

AR and BTS for 5 and 6 gives them a fighting chance against most weapons, and with Bio-Immunity they will also ignore some damaging ammo types to let them get more out of their STR 3. Remember that Bio-Immunity lets you use BTS against the ammo it protects from, so this can actually get you an additional point against common ammo such as shock.

Special Tricks

The Xeodrons have a staldron that can be ejected to accomplish objectives. Remember that super jump can be combined with Vault allowing you some weird movement options. Additionally, you can fall up to 4" without suffering damage.


Xeodrons will go down to most heavy weapons, but they are more vulnerable to melee where their poor CC stat will allow martial artists to make short work of them. Though they are BTS 6, they can still be hacked, and an assault hacker can help set up attacks against them by immobilizing them.

List Composition

Xeodrons fill the role of mobile heavy infantry, but also bring a lot of durability and some ARO potential. They are not as elite as the Charontid or Anathematic, but have a reduced price and provide some jack-of-all-trades benefits those profiles don't allowing them to act as specialists, super jump, kill in the midrange, survive against small arms, and ARO with Blitzen. In Onyx it is possible to make a Harris with the Umbra Samaritans. This expensive option will define much of your list, but can be a powerhouse. It is recommended to bring a Red Fury and K1 so that you have a diversity of ammo types.


One of the few TAGs one would consider leaving out to ARO, make sure they have somewhere to retreat too in things go wrong. Alternately (and proably a better choice) deploy them where they can quickly get to the midfield and make the most of their short to mid range weapons.

Active Turn Role

Like any TAG the Xeodrons are primarily an active turn model wanting to get to good range bands and hunt the enemy. They have the added benefit of being able to drop a Staldron and score objectives when they get there. Just be sure that they wont be taking ARO before dropping your bot, or it could be costly in terms of orders or wounds.

ARO Options

With Blitzen for long range, rifle weapons for short, and pisols at point blank the Xeodrons have lots of options for shooting ARO and being TAGs they often want to do so. Remember that you can still dodge, albeit at at 7s, but that remote presence is optional and you can chose to fail a guts and step to safety.