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The Tsyklon series are the heavy attack remotes of the nomad naction. They are fast and hit like a truck from unexpected places. They can provide an excelent spearhead unit or a great defensive ARO piece when properly supported.

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Offensive Tools

Like many nomad units, Tsyklons are a multitool. They come in 2 flavors. High burst, "short" range spitfire or lower burst but better range and punch Feuerback. However range will almost never be a problem as both models come with an inbuilt X-Visor, reducing their BS penalties of -3 to 0. Only the spitfire will suffer a manageable -3 when firing on extreme ranges.

Like most Nomad remotes the Tsyklon also comes with inbuilt Climbing Plus, which opens a lot of avenues of attack from unsuspecting places. This together with it's awesome speed gives the Tsyklon a set of tools to always be the one choosing the safest spot from engagement with the enemy.

To add the icing on the cake, both models are equipped with repeaters and pitchers to increase the coverage of your hacking network. The pitchers and X-visor combo is excellent for hacking heavy lists where you need to build a wide repeater network.

Defensive Tools

The Tsyklon has a very useful 360º visor, that makes him a pretty useful ARO piece to cover your deployment zone against pesky infiltrators and drop troops. Having a repeater mounted on it allows your friendly hackers to help him on defense against hackable targets like HI, TAGs or Remotes.

Climbling Plus also is a pretty useful defensive ability allowing you to place your Tsyklon somewhere the opposing army would never be able to fire at him, like on top of high buildings where they have no visibility.

When in ARO duty, consider pairing your Tsyklon with a hacker with access to supportware programs so you can buff them with Overclock for the extra burst on ARO. The Feuerbach profile is best fitted for this duty as it will fire with full force on ARO and his AP-DA ammo can pose a serious threat even for heavily armed attackers.

Special Tricks


List Composition


Active Turn Role

ARO Options