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The Morat unique spec-ops character unit Treitak Anyat is a tool box for the the combined army. Crack armor, disable remotes and HI, and provide smoke all for a resonable price. In the Morat Agression forces she is an even greater asset as she can join Vanguard links.

Treitak Anyat Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Anyat has a diverse set of offensive tools, a gun for every situation. She is armed with a K1 combi for ranged encounters which helps against higher armored foes. For close range encounters she can choose between a pistol, chain colt, or E/M grenades. She also has smoke grenades for the fights she would rather not take part in. all of these operate on a BS and PH of twelve, making her a solid shooter especially in a link team.

Defensive Tools

ARM 1 and BTS 3 are not fantastic, but smoke grenades means that she can avoid most firefights pretty well, throwing at her feet at 15.

Anyat is also a Morat meaning that she will still provide her order in Loss of Lieutenant and ignores the Isolated status.

Special Tricks

Anyat has Climbing plus which allows her to get fire angles that most models can't or access buildings that other models will have to slowly scale.

Speculative Firing grenades (smoke or E/M) is also a good option when you can get your opponent from out of LoF. This is even better in a link which can push up the table and bring her along just for this purpose.


Anyat will go down to almost any CC trooper if you can get her in Melee. She also is vulnerable to visors which ignore her Smoke Special Dodge. Long range shots will also force her to Smoke dodge instead of shooting back, which can be to your benefit. Ultimately though, Anyat is not to hard to remove from the table, but the opponent will likely try to keep her out of harm's way to make full use of her tool box of equipment.

List Composition

Anyat is a good source of smoke if you don't want to worry about the impetuous nature of Datarazi or Oznat. While she isn't a powerhouse outside of a fire team, she still brings enough interesting tools to be compelling. Remember that K1 ammo can damage structures in missions that require it.

In a morat force there is almost always room for Anyat but this is especially true in a Morat Vanguard Infantry fire team where she is both a valuable specialist and a deadly shooter once buffed.


Anyat wants to be placed far from harm's way, and also in a good position to throw smoke. It is tempting to place her up a building (due to climbing plus) and sometimes this is the best option since she can throw smoke from there just as good as anywhere else. Just remember that she has to climb down to get up field so keeping her lower that 4" is a good place.

Active Turn Role

Anyat wants to throw smoke to enable herself or other models to move up table. She wants to use her weapon set to make unbalanced trades, removing heavy armor targets, or disabling REM, HI, TAG, or others effected by E/M grenades. Finally she can claim objectives as a specialist operative should the need arise.

ARO Options

Anyat usually wants to throw smoke if fired upon. Even a minor penalty like Mimetism or cover makes it quickly in her own self interest to smoke grenade instead of shooting back. Just be cautious that in doing so you are not giving the enemy freedom to travel up table or get her in CC. Sometimes it can be worth using her chain colt for a guaranted hit, but remember that more than likely you are giving up Anyat for the shot.