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The Tokusetsu Butai is the most basic doctor or engineer you have access to in Yu Jing. If you want to fix up your other dudes, they're the first place you'll be looking in vanilla Yu Jing or JSA.

Tokusetsu Butai Profile.png

Offensive Tools

At BS10 with no fighting skills or equipment, these guys are pretty pathetic in a fight. You can shoot some weaker foes if you're desperate and think superior burst alone will get the job done, but don't go in guns blazing. These guys are lovers, not fighters.

Defensive Tools

They're just as BS10 defensively as they are offensively, so don't expect much and definitely don't leave them out in the open. However, suppressive fire can be useful on even the weakest unit and while they're usually not worth spending an order on alone, they can help defend the backline if used as part of a coordinated order that puts several troops in suppressive fire. V: Courage allows them to choose whether to dive for cover when shot. If they're in suppressive fire this can be nice, as firing back at burst 3 is often a better shield than a bit of cover. However, most of the time hiding like a coward is the superior option.

Special Tricks

  • Like all engineers, the Tokusetsu engi profile has D-Charges. From achieving classified objectives to killing immobilized HI or TAGs, these have utility that should not be forgotten.


Shoot them with your guns. Or stab them with your swords, or just make sure whatever they're meant to be fixing is killed dead with follow-up attacks. Cutting off orders can also be viable, though the Tokusetsu may well end up dead anyway in an attack against the backline.

List Composition

Make sure they have something to fix. Doctors are there primarily for premium heavy infantry or the occasional valuable 1 wound troop, while engineers attend to remotes and the rather rare TAGs. Long ranged units are often favoured as they are easier to reach than those in the midfield, but context is important. Sometimes an ARO platform such as a Husong remote or a neurocinetic Yan Huo may benefit from a 'pet' doctor/engineer or Yaozao, which can stand nearby and easily access the unit when it goes down, bringing it back for another go.

Consider a Yaozao remote or two to let your doc or engi do their job without the risk of being shot, and to give the extra efficiency of 6-4 movement. Keep in mind they do not count as a specialist however.


Hide them behind something. Treat them like a less expendable version of your standard line troops. If they're out in the open they're going to explode violently, and they can't do self-surgery so that's something to avoid.

Active Turn Role

Tokusetsu are a dedicated healing unit. The doctor profile has the ability to fix any unconscious unit with a wound value. At WIP13 (65% success rate) they're nothing out of the ordinary, but near-ubiquitous access to cubes in both Yu Jing and JSA means that you will almost always be given the chance to reroll using a command token.

ARO Options