Tikbalangs, Armored Chasseurs of Acontecimento

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The Acontecimento Tikbalangs are one of the two Stingray TAGs in the PanOceanian TAG line-up. While lacking a marker state compared to the Clausewitz Uhlan, it makes up for it with being quite the strong and versatile active turn killer.

Tikbalangs Profile.png

Offensive Tools

For the most part, the HMG is the mainstay that will be used in firefights. And with a BS 15 and mimetism, the Tikbalang is going to win most of its firefights it will engage in. While the Heavy Flamethrower is used more for point defense on the Tikbalang, it can be certainly be used to have a template weapon to deal with camo and ODD units. As well, Climbing Plus is going to allow the Tikbalang to reach unexpected angles to attack from.

Defensive Tools

Being that the Tikbalang sits at a below average WIP 12 and only slightly average BTS, it can be vulnerable to hacking attacks. Hence you will need to keep it far away from opposing AHDs and their repeaters.

Special Tricks


List Composition


Active Turn Role

ARO Options