The Charontids

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The Charontids.jpg
The archetype of elite The Charontids are Heavy Infantry one of the highest statlines in the game and a complement of deadly weaponry. You pay a lot for these perks to the point where the unit acts functionally like a TAG, but they are very effective at their chosen role be it taking mid range objectives, hunting enemy camo, or as a Sepsitor platform.

The Charontids Profile.png

Offensive Tools

All Charontids have a heavy pistol along with a Nanopulsar and Plasma Rifle on most profiles. For additional SWC one can purchase HD+. HMG, or Sepsitor+ profiles. The HMG profiles have the extremely rare Multispectral Visor 3 and it can also be found on a plasma rifle version if you don't have the extra 2 SWC available. In melee, the Charontids bring a CC of 15 which while better than line troopers, represents a weakness on such an expensive profile. Additionally, their Silhouette value of 5 means it is harder to hide from the Charontids than usual.

Defensive Tools

Beyond the high armor and bts, the Charontids have 2 wounds and Valor: No Wound Incapacitation meaning they take a lot to bring down. All profiles come with G: Mnemonica which lets you keep their high WIP in play and negates the risk of the Lieutenant profiles. Should you be overly worried about hacking, a profile with Tin Bot 1 is available for .5 SWC. Worth noting is that their Silhouette value of 5 means it is harder to hide the Charontids than usual, but they still are base heigt when they go prone.

Special Tricks

The MSV profiles can fire through smoke to force a -6 modifier to any BS attacks targeted against them. Additionally, only the troopers who are attacked (or those that can see through the smoke as well) can respond with an ARO to these shots. Sepsitor can be used with Intuitive attack through smoke at your WIP 16 to avoid difficult face to face rolls. With G: Mnemonica, you can use the Charnontids' ghost (after it dies) to buff any friendly trooper with cube or Autotool. This can really help a Shrouded FO or an Umbra Hacker to dominate the field, but it is also surprisingly effective on a Unidron FO or on the M-Drone that can then Sat Lock on 13s. Also, it may seem obvious but bears mentioning, the Plasma Rifle can enter Suppressive fire and can chose burst or hit mode when doing so. This can allow you to fire burst 3 teardrop templates in ARO which threatens a goodly portion of the board.


The Charontid is very hard to beat on its own active turn requiring luck or multiple high quality ARO to remove. Try to bog it down in close combat, where even a minor martial artist has the advantage, or failing that, hunker down until your own turn and then face it with additional burst. The Charontid is fairly resilient to hacking, but an Assault hacker in a defensive position that the Charontids have to walk through to reach their targets can slow them down greatly. It can also be worth the multiple orders and risk to put the Charontids in Isolated status which prevents them from spending orders from the order reserve or being part of a coordinated order and dramatically reduces their effectiveness.

List Composition

The Charontids are very expensive on all profiles. You get what you pay for though, so making sure it has a list to work around it will let you use its deadly stats. For the MSV Charontids adding in Datarazi, Oznats, or Anyat is a must since it allows you to exploit smoke shots. All profiles benifet from a MedTech to engineer them if they get isolated or fail a roll against Adhesive. The MedTech can also doctor them when they are in V:NWI status, though it will send the Charontids to dead if the roll fails. The Charontids are a safe and effective Lieutenant option thanks to G: Mnemonica and this also gives them another order which is more reason to consider this. If you are bringing the Charontids for their Sepsitor attack, consider bringing along a Speculo Killer, smoke, or long range active turn models to help it get safely across the board and make use of this deadly weapon.


While the Charontids are tough, they are not indestructible. Placing them in full cover is a good idea when going second. Also keep in mind your way down when opting to place atop elevated terrain. Because it is Silhouette 5, the Charontid will prevent a Datarazi from moving through it. As such it can be placed next to a corner, about .5" diagonally to force the Datarazi to move a long ways around it during their impetuous move. This can sometimes net you a free order.

Active Turn Role

That Charontids want to use as much of the order pool as can be spared and kill enemy troops, they are classic Rambo models. How you do so will vary by profile. The hacker profile wants to do this same thing while scoring objectives on the way in. Meanwhile, the MSV profiles want to get off shots through smoke to remove trouble models. The Sepsitor wants to look for a clump of cube models to possess, or your opponent's own Rambo pieces. Just remember to save the last 2-3 orders to retreat, as killing your Charontid is going to be high priority for your foe on their turn.

ARO Options

The Charontids largely want to avoid ARO if they can. Most of the threats to them will come during the enemy active turn when they have to face weight of fire that can overpower their high stats. Consider dodging out of harms way when able. Against lower burst or skill enemies or when mods are in your favor, the Charontid can try to shoot it out. Alternatively, if attacked from short range it can sometimes be worth taking the normal roll from an enemy to Nanopulsar or Sepsitor them. The Sepsitor is particularly deadly because it then lets you add another trooper to your army that was deadly enough to be attacking a Charontid in the first place.