Tech-Bees, Maintenance Battalions

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Being the maintenance battalions of the Armored Regiments, Tech-Bee is one of PanOceania's choices for cheap support pieces.

Tech-Bees Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Wielding mostly a Flash Pulse, Tech-Bee is only going to play an reactive role in terms of shoot. However, it can be a good piece of equipment to blind an unsuspecting Rambo piece into losing its effectiveness for the turn.

However Tech-Bees do carry regular pistols and knives, so while they're not remotely an assault troop they can still make attacks with lethal ammo. And if your opponent leaves your Tech-Bee alive behind their troops, well, even a pistol is capable of killing poorly positioned troops.

That said, she can make a good second-wave specialists if needed despite her low PanOceanian standard of WIP 12.

Defensive Tools

With no ARM, BTS or actual weapon Tech-Bee wants to be far away from the backlines in order to help buff your machinist in your list. Otherwise Tech-Bee acts more as a 5 pts speed bump who is only going to blind people to help the rest of your force.

Special Tricks

+As mentioned before, her Flash Pulse can be used to blind enemies in ARO to put them at a disadvantage.

+One other trick is to have her tucked away from the enemy and use her near the end of the game to go for a last grab for objectives.

+If you are running a list with Joan of Arc as a lieutenant, she can make for a cheap 5 pts model to be converted into a regular order.


With her seemingly harmless stats and loadout, she can be dealt with in an simple manner but should not be your top priority. If you are expecting the opposing player who is running Tech-Bee is going for a mad-dash for the objectives, it can be wise to set up an lane or two of AROs to make it harder for the opponent or have them waste orders taking on your ARO pieces with something else.

List Composition

While not an auto-include in most lists, Tech-Bee can be used to fill out the last few points over WarCor if you have it (due to her being a Specialist Operative, which means she can score objectives. If you are running an TAG-heavy or Remote-heavy list, she becomes a little more necessary to help buff the Machinist's Wip 12 to 13.


Again as stated, she usually wants to be hidden away from the main fighting but in position to provide a Flash Pulse ARO down range on a flank and potential run up to score the objective. Otherwise, she mostly stays back and hidden to give Machinst his WIP buff.

Active Turn Role

Outside of making a mad dash for objectives if needed, Tech-Bee should not be used in an active turn role due to lack of a weapon profile as stated. Outside of that, use her irregular order to re-position for her Flash Pulse if needed.

ARO Options

As mentioned before, she is not going to have much of an impact in ARO outside of protecting the flank or backline with a Flash Pulse. It is an option, but should not be relied on. Again, her main role is to buff Machinist's WIP and potentially get objectives if needed.