Suryat Assault Heavy Infantry

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The lighter of the two Morat HI choices Suryats provide decent armor, an extra wound, and a wide range of equipment on a solid profile at a reasonable price. They are a good choice when the true elite HI of the Combined Army are not in your points budget and a high end link team or Harris option in the Morat Sectorial

Suryats Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Suryats bring high BS and acceptable CC to all their profile with access to the HMG and the rare Heavy Rocket Launcher for additional SWC. Other rare weaponry includes the Vulcan Boarding Shotgun, and multiple profiles with Combi + Light Flamethrower and Multi + Light Flamethrower options. The flamethrower options are noteworthy in that it gives them an option for dealing with camo or ODD trooper at close range.

Defensive Tools

ARM 4 and a PH of 13 give the Suryats a good chance against most attacks, and when that fails they are HI with an extra wound. They are also strongly fortified against hacking and BTS weapons with a BTS of 6 and access to TinBot A Deflectors on several profiles. If choosing to run them in a Link it is almost always worth the investment to shrug off almost any hacking attempt.

Special Tricks

Because they are Morats Suryats ignore the effects of the Isolated state.


Suryats want a fair fight, and ignore a lot of ways you can typically make it an unfair one. Hacking is often a waste of time against them due to their high BTS and TinBots on several profiles. Instead focus on using high power weapons such as Missiles or weapons with AP, fighting them in poor range bands, or with modifiers from camo or smoke to even the odds.

A special note should be made for melee which is an easy way to tie them up or even remove them. CC 16 just wont hold up against most Martial Artists.

If playing against a Suryat fire team look for a Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major they can join the link and act as a specialist, but only have one wound and worse armor making them the easiest way to remove power from the fireteam.

List Composition

Suryats can be purchased singly any time you want a cheap Heavy Infantry unit. They also make for a decent aggressive Lieutenant especially the HMG, which can fight from a distance and cut their losses if they take a wound. In Onyx, they can form a Duo forming either a long range short range combo, or two close range profiles to move up table and hold ground efficiently.

Finally, in the Morat Aggression Forces they make a Lieutenant option, and a good Harris choice as it lets you add bonus dice without having to commit to the full fireteam. While the Suryat 5 strong fireteam is devastating, it is also extremely expensive. Likely you will need to build the whole rest of the army around supporting it. Keep in mind that a Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major is often a good inclusion in the Harris or Core fireteam as it offers a specialist and is significantly cheaper than a Surryat. Just watch for savvy opponents who will try and pick him off first.


Suryats should be deployed with a task in mind. If in a fireteam it should be in a place that allows them freedom to advance on the enemy until they get to at least 32" where the HMG can start to do work. As solos they should be placed where they can contribute in a minimum of orders, and still retreat to safety. A HMG model peeking through a window that can go prone or move away in between shots is ideal. Likewise one of the close range profiles will be best placed where they will be able to reach the midfield without any enemy fire, so that they can save their extra wounds to unlucky shots or tanking hits when using their flamethrower.

Active Turn Role

Suryats want to pick fights from cover and count on their superior stats to win out. They will look to press up to midfield where they can make use of flamers or shotguns, or to consolidate around a good fire point for an HMG. While they can hunt camo with their flamers, it is not ideal and they are best used as a blunt force into a weak obstacle. They will be aided in this by their resilience against hacking, letting them move up fast and ignore hacking attacks that other HI would have to reset against.

ARO Options

Profiles with flamers must chose between using the direct template weapon or the face to face from their rifle or dodge. This will be a case by case choice, but against camo or ODD units the flamer is almost always the right choice since it will burn off those pieces of equipment even if it doesn't harm the target. Remember that if you are in Supressive fire you can always chose to drop it for a Flamethrower shot instead.

Because of their high PH dodging is often not a bad choice either.