Special Operative Ko Dali

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The Sepsitorized Yu Jing hero Special Operative Ko Dali is now one of the Combined Army's greatest propaganda pieces and effective skill pieces. With a fearsome combination of AD and MSV2 carries the tools to shred lightly armored foes of all kinds. If used effectively, she can snowball into a real monster, but she takes experience and support to use well.

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Offensive Tools

Ko Dali brings a Combi Rifle and Nano pulsar to the table, but more commonly you will be using her 2 assault pistols in the active turn. If that wasn't enough, she brings a Multi Spectral Visor 2 to ignore camo modifiers and discover token more easily. On top of that, she can use Protheion and CC 18 to consume her enemy troopers and gain wounds. Finally, she brought D-charges along.

Defensive Tools

Ko Dali has no defensive tricks over any other AD trooper. She has the option to start off board and arrive via aerial deployment. Once on board she will have to count on ARM 2 and BTS 3 to protect her. Should she get a chance to eat a few models with Protheion, she can power up and gain extra wounds to give her real staying power.

Special Tricks

While you cannot AD: Combat Jump into a smoke template, you can come into the board with Parachutist into an area of smoke. This can allow you to get Ko Dali on safely without having to make a roll. Once on board, the usual Smoke Trick will allow her to shoot through zero visibility areas without allowing a BS attack ARO from any enemy except those shot. As such, you should always put all your shots into a single target unless really low on orders.

It is often worth saving Ko Dali until the second or even third turn to drop her into a safe position. This is a little more true than with most AD models because of Protheion. Ko Dali is not great in assault and her weight of fire will often kill her targets out right. But Dropping her on turn two right next to an unconscious enemy will allow her to quickly power up and negate the risk of bad luck in face-to-face rolls.


Killing Ko Dali early, before she can power up, is advisable. If it doesn't look like you will be able too, or you know she is coming, remember those circumstances where you can avoid leaving an unconscious model (for example, opting to go dogged even if you have a doctor nearby to assure the model will pass straight to dead at the end of turn.

When it comes to killing Ko Dali on the active turn, the easiest way is with a White Noise zone from a Hacking Device plus or Phenoware tactic. Alternately use long range shot to force her to dodge or fire back with her combi rifle in a bad range band. Just don't try and take her out with camo troopers, and there are not too many bad choices.

List Composition

Ko Dali is expensive enough to not usually fit as a drop in character. She is good in almost any list, since MSV 2 is always helpful and AD helps to mitigate poor deployment zones or an enemy that locks you down and out ranges you. She will be most useful against armies that rely on a back field of lightly armored troopers for her to grind through. Another consideration is to bring smoke. It helps her get work done while minimizing risk. It can be argued that Smoke LGL units (the Oznat and Datarazi) are better options for this as they are more likely to be able to safely put smoke further afield.


Ko Dali will rarely, if ever deploy on the board, thanks to AD Combat Jump. Should she have to, keep her safe since she will die to most enemy fire.

Active Turn Role

Ko Dali want's to get to the 8" range band and kill things. She is best at killing lightly armored models. Her MSV2 makes her a good camo hunter, but be cautious of those rare camo trooper that have direct template weapons and most will gladly reveal to flame you. Once she gets a few models down, Ko Dali want's to eat with Protheion and power up, giving her staying power.

ARO Options

Ko Dali want's to avoid ARO whenever she can. Saving a few orders to back off with her, or putting other troops in place to cover her is always worth it. If there is nowhere to retreat to, she has a Combi Rifle and as such can go into Suppressing fire. Generally though, she wants to dodge if facing any negative penalty to firing. Remember that Ko Dali can fairly effectively Engage, and against enemy models with poor CC stats this can be to her advantage allowing her to Protheion them and gain extra wounds.