Sogarat Tempest Regiment

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Sogarat Tempest Regiment.jpg
Heavy in every sense of the word, the Sogarat Tempest Regiment are the second Morat Heavy Infantry option featuring more armor, heavy weapons on all profiles, and even a larger silhouette value. Providing good long ranged attacks, the Sogarat are an expensive, but reliable troop with some built in resiliency.

Sogarat Tempest Regiment Profile.png

Offensive Tools

There are only two weapon load outs for the Sogarats but both offer heavy ordinance. The AP HMG offers good killing power against a wide variety of targets. The second, with Fuerbach and Assault pistol, presents a good ARO piece and great punch for hard targets like TAGs or structures, as well as a close range offensive tool.

The Sogarat also has some close combat skill as well bringing CC 20 and an AP CCW. Without Martial Arts he is likely to go down against true melee specialists, but it also makes it harder to assassinate him in CC.

In the Morat Agression Forces it is possible to link Sogarats in a Harris with Kornak Gazarot. The bonus Burst is great on either profile, but the cost is often prohibitive.

Defensive Tools

ARM 6, BTS 3, and W 2 should be enough but the Sogarat gets more. PH of 15 means that they are very likely to dodge, and against attackers with camouflage modifiers this is usually the right option.

The AutoMediKit deserves special praise though, because of the high PH. This means the Sogarat is going to be able to spend an order and recover from unconscious a shocking 75% of the time.

Special Tricks

Because this model has the Morat rule they do not suffer the effects of the Isolated state.

Because AutoMediKit provokes an ARO, consider positioning before any Face-to-Face roll with the Sogarat. Make sure that you either move up and back from total cover, so as to end out of Line of Fire, or have a lip of terrain to fall unconscious behind.


Taking out the Sogarat is not too different from most heavy infantry with one important exception: double tap. Make sure to take out an unconscious Sogorat, or at the very least, cover it with AROs so that the opponent does not revive it with AutoMediKit. Other than this, heavy weapons, hacking to immobilize them, or troops with Camouflage will work as will weapons that strike BTS instead of armor. If you try to remove it with CC, keep in mind that he is surprisingly spry with CC 20, so ideally attack when the Sogarat is already wounded and with the Surprise Attack modifiers and martial arts to reduce your risk.

List Composition

Sogarats are an expensive addition to a list and unlikely used as a drop in. As a lieutenant option, they offer a good use of your special order on a hard to remove platform. In generic Combined Army they can be a good addition if the rest of your list is more focused on scoring objectives or makes use of skirmishers and you want a little punch. In the Morat Aggression forces they make a very good lieutenant choice and can function as an ARO piece as well. Morats often suffer in Face-to-Face rolls with out much Camouflage or visors on their best shooters. Having one model that can shoot it out reliably at long range is a good tool.


With the HMG profile you will often want to stay out of LoF until your active turn. Conversely, the Fuerbach is a fine ARO piece and can be left when there is a long firelane for him to watch. In either case, be sure to remember to keep yourself in a place to exploit AutoMediKit or dodge to safety. And remember that this is a Morat, so he won't be allowed to fail a Guts check and go to cover if things go badly.

Active Turn Role

The Sogarat wants to bully weaker troops with weight of fire, or tank hunt depending on which weapon option you brought. The AP HMG is good against a wide variety of targets and should look for face-to-face rolls wherever it can net good odds and win by weight of fire. Using the Sogarat to clear approaches for your other troops, especially of the pesky MSV troops that shut down your smoke game, is a good use for this trooper.

ARO Options

The Fuerbach provides a good ARO threat at medium to long range and can be considered for this use, and the AP HMG isn't too bad on ARO itself, especially on Supression Fire. Often though, you will find dodge, at PH 15 to be higher odds than shooting, especially against camouflage or ODD troopers.