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The cheapest EI Aspect unit the Skiávoros is a medium infantry command unit with unique weapons and profile. It is one of a few platforms with Sepsitor and has a rare combination of Structure and V: No Wound Incapacitation which makes it hard to kill. Even when you do kill it, it's ghost remains on the board due to Gnemonica, and can buff other units.

Skiávoros Profile.png

Offensive Tools

All profiles come with a Nanopulsar and CC 17. Most are armed with a plasma rifle but a Spitfire can be purchased for extra SWC. The real reason for the Skiávoros though is Sepistor Plus available on both generic and lieutenant profiles. With a WIP of 16, the Skiávoros is a very deadly platform for this terrifying weapon. Finally, for the dark horse choice, you can bring a Hacking Device Plus with the Skiávoros.

Defensive Tools

Mimetism along with Armor and BTS of 3 provide some basic defense. Should the Skiávoros take a wound though its strange rules interaction takes over. A Skiávoros has Structure rather than wounds and also has V: No Wound Incapacitation. This means that it is shock immune and can remain active while unconscious, effectively granting it two wounds.

Structure also means that the model has 2 unconscious states. The interaction between these two does not grant 3 wounds however. It does mean that if you take two wounds initially, you can remain active with unconscious two. However if you take a single wound, remain active with V:NWI and then take an additional wound, then you go immediately to dead due to V: NWI which specifically states so.

Special Tricks

Sepsitor can be used as an Intuitive Attack from smoke or against camo markers. The Plasma Rifle, when going into Suppression Fire, must select hit mode or blast. Selecting blast means you will be firing templates in Suppression which is terrifying to link teams. G: Mnemonica on the right model can create some strange and powerful combinations. Umbra hackers become extremely deadly. MSV troops become better hunters, and even the lowly M-drone benefits from the increased WIP making it's FO, Flash Pulse, and Sat-Lock skills far more effective.


Skiávoros is a hard target, but will still die to superior shots or heavy weapons fire. Be careful about facing it at short range because of the Sepsitor, unless you have access to models without cubes who will represent less risk. Finally, don't go all out to kill it expecting to put the enemy into Loss of Lieutenant, G: Mnemonica will prevent that.

List Composition

With Strategos and G: Mnemonica the Skiávoros is a good Lieutenant option. It is a hard to kill target with a diverse set of abilities, but at it's price point you will likely be building the list around it. The Skiávoros will also want a few models to G: Mnemonica too such as the Umbra or a Skirmisher FO or Hacker in case he dies. It also benefits from smoke as a way of using Sepsitor safely. Also remember that G: Mnemonica lets you bring G: Autotool units like Ikadron Batroids and Unidron Batroids without needing a hacker, and you can use them as targets for G: Mnemonica even though they don't have a cube.


Keep the Skiávoros out of LoF of heavy weapons if you have the first active turn (which is a little easier to do with Strategoes), and make sure to deploy with the best approach in mind. If going second, it can be worth putting yourself back a little further to avoid losing this expensive model early, but try to think where enemy models will be at the end of the first player's first turn. If you are in a good position, the enemy will bring Sepsitor targets to you.

Active Turn Role

The Skiávoros can have it's best effect on the battlefield in the active turn. If presented an opportunity to move up field and Sepsitor or Plasma Rifle multiple models, it is worth taking, however be wary of enemy traps. The lower movement speed of the Skiávoros means that when you commit him to the enemy DZ, he is likely going to be left in danger As such it is better to use him for a few orders to kill or Sepsitor something midfield, then retreat to a safe spot or let other models consolidate and hold ground around him. There are worse things the Skiávoros can do than hang back: with Strategos he is at least giving an additional order to his minions.

ARO Options

With PH 12 the Skiávoros is a decent dodger from long range. His Nanopulsar and Sepsitor templates mean that he often wants to try and tank short range hits and kill the attacker instead. However, the Skiávoros is an expensive piece so do what is necessary to keep him alive.