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Shasvastii Gwailos are a medium infantry assault trooper unit with a variety of short to mid ranged weapons. Their higher BS and Nanoscreen allow them to bring these to bear regardless of cover to assure good range band stacking, and make them more resilient than their profile would suggest. In the Shasvastii sectorial they are one of two trooper units with Fire team and make a good core fire team choice should you choose to run one.

Shasvastii Gwailos Profile.png

Offensive Tools

The Gwailos bring a 13 BS making them higher than the average veteran trooper, and combined with the -3 for partial cover from their Nanoscreen they are skilled at winning face to face rolls. Gwailos weapon options include Multi rifles, Boarding Shotgun (also available on an EI Assault hacker profile) and for additional Special Weapons Cost, profiles with a Spitfire or Heavy Rocket Launcher and X-Visor.

These tools combined mean that the Gwailos can excel in the short to medium range bands and look to press and engage on enemies, especially those with longer ranged weapons. Nanoscreen means you can always count on cover allowing you to pick the best position to end your movement in rather than worry about maintaining cover the entire time.

The X-visor Heavy Rocket Launcher brings a template and solid BS for long ranged fights, is especially deadly when in a fireteam, and is cheap enough to bring in multiples.

In the Shasvastii sectorial Gwailos are a fireteam core choice and can also bring Sheskiin or Corax Hasht with them, further buffing these already solid shooters.

Defensive Tools

Nanoscreen provides partial cover for this unit at all times meaning that an enemy can not maneuver to deny them cover. Given their base ARM of 2, this means that they will be ARM 5 against most attacks. Gwailos have an above average PH as well should they have to dodge or change face.

This profile has the Spawn Embryo rule. When the unit is unconscious, it still counts as a scoring unit for scenarios like Quadrant Control or Supremacy. Armies with large numbers of Shasvastii sectorial players might consider taking out enemy units with Shock, Viral, or Monofilament as a higher priority to exploit this rule.

Special Tricks

Leaving cover to push up on an enemy is one of the risky necessities of Infinity, and Gwailos never have to worry about it. Other than this, they are little different than a standard trooper, though an unwary opponent may not be taking their full stats into account due to Nanoscreen and X-visor


It's best to avoid engaging Gwailos head on, especially in a fireteam. They are very good shots and will almost always have cover to further stack modifiers in their favor. Most of their weapon options are short ranged, meaning a long range attacker can have success against them. Like all fire teams they also don't like provoking ARO with multiple members of their team as it lets you reduce the link's effectiveness at the cost of taking normal rolls. Remember that if your opponent does bring a Fireteam of Gwailos, it represents a large portion of their army's effectiveness and dismantling it will hurt their chances of victory significantly.

Close Combat is a different story. Gwailos have a CC of 15 and no martial arts meaning a CC specialist can take them apart in melee. They will often end up in a good position for this kind of attack as well since many of their weapons are best in 24" or less, and they bring a specialist that will need to move up board to accomplish objectives.

Gwailos hate fire, which ruins their Nano screen and removes a lot of their offensive and defensive capabilities and their ability to win F2F rolls in ARO.

This profile has the Spawn Embryo rule so when unconscious, it still counts as a scoring unit for scenarios like Quadrant Control or Supremacy. You can bypass this by killing them out right with Shock, Viral, or Mono-filament, or by killing the unconscious models. Shasvastii sectorial players may focus extra attention on your sources of shock. Try to use that to your advantage.

List Composition

Gwailos in the vanilla combined army will be brought in small numbers either as a specialist in missions that require close range engagement, where terrain is expected to be dense, or as an ARO trooper. The Heavy Rocket Launcher in particular stands out in an ARO function since it is cheap enough to lose but brings remarkably good stats.

In the Shasvastii sectorial you will wan't to decide between a very expensive 5 strong link, or a cheaper 3 strong. With or without Sheskiin or Corax Hasht (who can join this link) they are still an expensive choice. If going with a 5 strong link other ARO pieces or a Med-Tech to support your investment are often worth it.

Though expensive in terms of SWC a small link of multiple Heavy Rocket Launchers can be a good choice. for 73 points you can bring a Hacker and Two HRL Gwailos who can provide harsh AROs and can be placed in the perfect place to assure multiple ARO because of their nanoscreens.

Gawilo can be a Lieutenant at a cost of zero SWC in the Shasvastii sectorial, though this is rarely done as they cannot hide with Camouflage and also can't use their lieutenant order without leaving a fireteam. If bring Sheskiin in a fireteam this can be a good choice since most opponents will expect her to be the lieutenant.


Though you are assured partial cover at all times, Total Cover is still better. Don't rely on the nanoscreen to keep you safe. When going second be sure to keep Gwailos out of sight against long lines of fire or superior enemies. When going first it is good to consider the best way to get a Gwailo to their desired position with the minimum number of ARO while also accounting for their slow speed.

Active Turn Role

Gwailo want to push to a good range band and kill enemy troopers. They worry less about cover than most troops meaning that they can always be moving towards their desired position while putting down fire. The downside of this is that they are going to need that extra mobility since they have 4-2 movement.

Access to an EI Assault Hacker means that they can shut down the advance of HI or TAGs or disable them from out of line of fire before going in for the kill.

In a Fireteam Gwailo will look to bully worse shooters with their superior BS and Nanoscreen. Their advantage of having partial cover is somewhat blunted in a link since the supporting members of the team are still vulnerable to enemy fire and losing even one is a hardship. Generally though, the Gwailo's job is less accomplishing missions than it is removing the enemy's means to accomplish them.

ARO Options

Nanoscreen and a high BS means Gwailos like BS based f2f rolls. It will almost always be better for a Gwailo to shoot instead of dodge unless the opponent has ODD or Camouflage. Access to an assault hacker means that they can be a real order sink for HI, REM, or TAG models if you get them to a good defensive position.