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A hunting unit that often serves as a Lieutenant, the Shasvastii Aswangs are a assault trooper with the Camouflage skill and the Special Skill Protheion. Their weapon options include a Spitfire for additional Special Weapons Cost, a boarding shotgun, and a profile with both a combi rifle and adhesive launcher, the latter offers good synergy well with their Protheion skill. The skill Protheion gives them a chart of close combat bonuses to select from and allows them to add up to 2 wounds inflicted in CC to their profile as "Power Up" wounds. They are available in generic Combined Army and in the Shasvastii sectorial, where their lieutenant option has a zero Special Weapons Cost, a rarity among Camo lieutenant options. If they get a chance to feed on enemy troopers with the Protheion skill, they can become quite dangerous.

Shasvastii Aswuangs Profile.png

Offensive Tools

This model has some basic close assault options including a spitfire and a commonly seen ADHL and Combirifle profile. With Camouflage this model can get into position to win close firefights.

The Aswang is also a moderately good CC fighter with Protheion adding bonus damage to its already solid CC stat, but will not fare well against true CC specialists.

A special note should be made to Protheion which not only offers CC bonuses but lets this model turn CC wounds into extra wounds on it's profile (up to two). Once snowballed an Aswang can be a real pain to deal with.

Defensive Tools

This model has Camouflage which provides a defensive modifier against BS attacks and more importantly lets it start in the Camo Token state and avoid being directly attacked.

If it gets powered up from Protheion, it can also have additional wounds to give it more staying power.

This profile has the Spawn Embryo rule. When the unit is unconscious, it still counts as a scoring unit for scenarios like Quadrant Control or Supremacy. Armies with large numbers of Shasvastii might consider taking out enemy units with Shock, Viral, or Monofilament as a higher priority to exploit this rule.

Special Tricks

See Protheion above. Enemy models that die in the midfield or your own DZ (such as enemy AD troopers) should be considered as optional meals. Moving an Aswang into position as part of a Coordinated order can definitely be worth your time.

Don't forget the option to attack models in CC from Camouflage state and gain the Surprise Attack bonus inflicting a -6 on the enemy. With the bonuses from Protheion you can apply a -9 to your enemy or be attacking with a CC 24. Protheion also grants stealth, so while it is almost always better to eat your foe, you can chose to attack with the Asuwang's Knife which has the silent trait, still strike at the above modifiers, and prompt no ARO from other enemy models in ZoC of the fight.

An ADHL is also a good way to deal with TAGs and other high point cost models by immobilizing them for the rest of the game.


If you are playing against SEF and have spotted a camo token that you think is an Aswang you are probably looking at the enemy Lt. Usual tells will be that it is somewhere hard to access without a good LoF to exploit on the active turn. Aswangs have poor range weapons so they will not want to get into a fight outside of 24" Loss of Lieutenant is particularly painful for SEF so it can be worth spending several orders to put them into that state.

A powered up Aswang is a dangerous thing so try to nip it in the bud. It can be worth revealing a camo troop too take out an Aswang that stands to get powered up. this is especially nice if the Aswang has entered CC as the second half of a move using a subsequent order to power up, or that is in CC with a defeated foe. Firing at an engaged Aswang will reduce the chance of a hit, but if you miss by the -6 modifier you will hit an possibly kill your own model, denying the Aswang a free lunch.

This profile has the Spawn Embryo rule so when unconscious, it still counts as a scoring unit for scenarios like Quadrant Control or Supremacy. You can bypass this by killing them out right with Shock, Viral, or Mono-filament, or by killing the unconscious models. Shasvastii players may focus extra attention on your sources of shock. Try to use that to your advantage.

List Composition

The Asuwang fills a roll of a hunting unit having decent stats and a range of assault weapons. The Spitfire and Boarding shotgun versions are of note for being reasonably priced and effective with the addition of Camo. Unlike other assault pieces, the Aswang can uniquely snowball by gaining extra wounds as it advances and become a deadly turret in suppression fire once it gets to your opponent's turn.

This unit is also a Lieutenant option, and while costing an additional SWC it is worth considering since it starts in the Camo state and is harder for AD units or ramboing enemies to target. On the last turn it can also go on the offense without fear of LoL and use that camo to it's advantage. In SEF this SWC cost is also dropped making the Asuwang the go-to choice for most Shasvastii players.


This model can be deployed in a Camouflage token state and this should always be done. It means that at worst, your enemy has to spend half an order to discover the unit before firing on it, and at best they will think it something more deadly that what it actually is and avoid you all together.

Active Turn Role

A non-Lieutenant Aswang will look to move up and snowball by killing and eating enemy troops. They are best used in the second turn once there are a few unconscious models to chow down on. It is not a bad idea to move the Aswang up as part of coordinated orders exploiting its camo state to get to a better position for subsequent turns. Once powered up, the Aswang can attempt to run the board, taking more dangerous risks, or set itself up in a good ARO position (usually in suppressing fire) to be a pain to dislodge. Or just re-camo with three wounds on the enemy half of the table and let them spend their whole turn removing you. It will be worth it in the long run.

Lieutenant Aswangs will look to eat targets of opportunity during the active turn and retreat and re-camo in a safe position.

ARO Options

Once it is Power Up from Protheion this model becomes much more of a threat in ARO. With Camo and in cover it can be dangerous in Suppression fire applying a total of -9 with Burst 3.

A special note for the ADHL profile as well, which hits against PH-6 instead of armor making it often more deadly than a combi and leaving a stuck foe for you to eat with Protheion.