Scylla, Steel Phalanx's NCO

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Offensive Tools

Use KHD and decent WP to hunt out and kill hackers. Use the bots to screen or clear out anything that actually plans to fight on the battlefield vs data nets, remember opponents only get 1 ARO shot to distribute. They're probably better as repeaters though while you hunt your intended play.

KHD gives marker state, and less usefully surprise shot, to the bots as well as Scylla, and also allows them some amusing options via Cybermask. Make sure to use this to your advantage to take completely safe 'Move Move' actions as long as you start and end in cover. [Beware starting out of cover w more than one troop in LoS as one troop can initially declare discover, and if they succeed, a second can shoot during your next short skill].

Otherwise fight through your repeaters, keep turtled where your HFT friends and BSG will help the most, and remember if you're gunfighting with her something went wrong.

Shock Army:

PanO also has great bots: use them and their repeaters to get you up the board, no real reason to slog around yourself. Also consider parking up on a building near the objective. Your ZoC extends down to let the bots contest it and you to hack anything that gets close [cybermask also helps with defense too].

AHD and HD are pretty straightforward, utility play and/or go after HI/TAGs, again, better done w repeaters than your one wound short range friend. Never be afraid to stack with other Hackers, especially in an army that has a number of PanO's WP 13 options, allowing multiple AROs/mutual support. You're also the main HD platform, unless you really like Regulars. Use it to get that supportware up, those assisted jump Sikhs in, and Firewall mods up [more usefull now with ORCs viable in mixed fireteams]. Even ARO-ing Spotlight, Brain Blasting, and hacking transports can occasionally be helpful, while opening up some more classified options.

Defensive Tools

Special Tricks


List Composition


Active Turn Role

ARO Options