Rodok, Morat Armed Imposition Detachment

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The Rodok Armed Imposition Unit is a Morat Medium infantry unit available to the generic combined army, and the Onyx and Morat sectiorals. Their combination of weapon types along with super jump and mimetism make them diverse and effective troops.

Rodok Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Rodoks have a unique weapon set with a Combi Rifle on the basic profile and Boarding shotguns on all other non-SWC weapon profiles. The basic profile also includes 2 light shotguns, and mines can be found on most profiles as well giving Rodoks access to lots of template weaponry. In addition to this mix of assault gear, the Rodoks can bring a HMG, Missile Launcher, or EI Assault hacking device for additional Special weapons cost. While they have no special CC skills their CC of 15 is above average.

All Rodok also have Super Jump, which is not an offensive skill itself, but can allow them to get unique firing angles by jumping up or falling off of terrain.

Defensive Tools

All Rodok profiles have Mimetism making it harder for opponents to hit them. Their Medium Infantry armor of ARM 2 and BTS 3 also makes them harder to kill than the average trooper and should they need to dodge they will do so with above average PH of 12.

Special Tricks

Using Super Jump and the Template weapon rules, you can get some very strange angles with a shotgun template allowing you to hit multiple enemy models or avoid tagging your own troops.

Even though they are only movement 4-2, Super Jump can make Rodoks faster than they appear. When on top of a building they can freely fall up to their MV without taking damage. Because of this you should never take a ladder when you can jump horizontally and get bonus movement.

Access to a shotgun and hacking device allows the EI Assault Hacker Rodok to move up into LoF and ZoC of an enemy hacker and give them a very difficult choice between shooting, dodging, or hacking.

Rodoks have the Morat rule which means they ignore the Isolated and thus cannot have their link team broken by having the team leader Isolated. They also ignore the Retreat state and will remain Regular in Loss of Lieutenant.


Rodoks have Mimetism giving Visor troopers an advantage against them. Additionally, most Rodok profiles do not have weapons capable of firing from more than 24" meaning you can take them out from long range without suffering an offensive ARO.

List Composition

Rodok specialists are very well optimized to drop into most lists providing both specialist troopers and mines on a Paramedic or Assault Hacker. They are a nice tool box addition to any list. In the Morat Sectorial they are a core link choice and a very good one.

It would be best to support them with troops such as the Yaogot to deal with Camo or Zerats or Hungries to help clear the midfield for their advance.

In the Onyx Sectorial the Rodok can include an Umbra Samaritan who can move along with them thanks to Super Jump. The Samaritan provides some much desired close combat for the unit, and the Rodoks can power up the Samaritan's deadly vorpal close combat weapon.


Rodok should be deployed with their weapon load out in mind to avoid being shot from beyond 24." They can also be freely placed on top of terrain since they can jump off of it without suffering damage (up to 4", 7" if they spend movement to jump down). Remember that Super Jump does not allow you to jump during Dodge moves, so don't plan on escaping fire that way.

Rodoks are good deployment zone guardians and can drop mines along enemy close approaches and hold them with their shotguns to boot.

Active Turn Role

Solo Rodoks will look to fulfill their purpose by moving up table and scoring objectives or attacking the enemy. Most profiles are more ARO focused, but the HMG will look to do work getting into a good fire position with it's super jump.

ARO Options

Rodoks have tons of options for short range ARO with most profiles having Mines, Shotguns, or both. Consider carefully if it is better to drop a mine, and possibly lose to Rodok, or try and shoot it out with an enemy. Never forget that most Rodoks will dodge better than they can shoot once you get beyond 16" and sometimes it is the best option rather than a hail mary boarding shotgun.