Raoul Spector, Mercenary Operative

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Offensive Capabilities

The two profiles have two very different approaches to attacking:

  • Regular order, w/ Multi-rifle: This profile will be a pusher, best included in a fireteam that can back him up. He has tools to take on infiltrators (mimetism, Ap/Shock ammo, nanopulsar) and the ability to use his order to fuel a link team instead of just himself. NWI means he can take a risk and jump between cover points if he needs to while still sending out good fire support. 4 AP/Shock or 2 DA shots is a threat to anything on the board, and if he gets close he can use the E/M CC weapon.
  • Irregular and AD: Jump on from the side of the board in a secluded position, then rampage towards an objective while tossing Dropbears at anything that looks at him funny. This version of Raoul has a boarding shotgun, which lacks the burst and ammo choices of the Multi-rifle version, but is better able to get up close to people and do damage (and drop templates on people behind his target). His dropbears will cause havoc in the enemy backline too, either stopping AROs, or making the next turn painful. If you find yourself able to get onto the board uncontested and drop templates on multiple people often, try this version out.

In both cases, Drop Bears are useful and potent. They allow him to deploy a mine around a corner in exactly the right spot without exposing himself.

Defensive Capabilities

Mimetism, NWI, and Natural Born Warrior is a solid combination. Charging into close combat might be risky, but in the reactive turn he will make CC specialists hesitate and try to decide the best approach. Stay in cover to improve his negative mods even more, and put him in suppressive fire when possible.

On the other hand, a single wound means he should avoid Shock ammo.

Special Tricks

AD: Combat Jump allows him to pick the perfect spot to come on out of view, while his dropbears allow him to pincer enemy models or lock them down in the opposing player's next turn. As a specialist operative he can also go after objectives, but he may be more effective just locking the enemy down.

His NWI means he can take at least one big risk each game, and can tank a return shot if it means dropping a boarding shotgun template across models behind his target.


List Composition

Raoul is a self-supporting AD troop, or a character addition to a link team. Use the AD version in a list that needs an off-board threat that otherwise will have trouble supporting someone deep in enemy territory, or as a multi-vector threat from AD troops.

The link team version is harder to field, and requires him to have that option. Weigh his skills and multi-rifle as a foot-slogger against the other link team options you have available. Chances are there's something better (or more focused on what you need) in your stable to choose from.


Active Turn Role

ARO Options