Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major

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A medium infantry with a small assortment of skills the Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major are mostly seen in the Morat Agression Forces Sectorial Army where they fulfill an important role in certain fireteams.

Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Choosing between a combi and heavy flamer, a boarding shotgun, or a red fury at additional SWC cost, the Raktorak brings medium and short ranged support weapons to the table.

Defensive Tools

Above average armor and high BTS will keep him alive a little longer than the average line trooper, but the Raktorak is not especially difficult to kill. Like all Morats, he has higher than average PH and is sometimes better and dodging or changing facing than shooting in ARO.

Special Tricks

Though it is unclear from the army builder, it is possible to form a Harris of Kornak, a Raktorak, and a Suryat allowing you to bring a deadly melee fighter in Kornak, a solid HMG, and the Raktorak as a specialist. The Raktorak can also sub into a Fireteam or Harris of Suryats allowing them to both move up field and score objectives

As a Morat this model ignores the Isolated state and it is not possible to collapse a fireteam by Isolating them when they are the active model. They will also ignore the Retreat and Loss of Lieutenant rules.


The Raktorak will die well enough to most conventional weapons. Avoid having to fight him with Viral or Breaker munitions as he has high BTS.

List Composition

There is little reason to bring the Raktorak in a generic combined army force save for special scenarios where his Jungle terrain might be desired. In the Morat aggression forces it is always advisable to bring him along for a Suryat link in missions where objectives must be interacted with by a specialist.


There are no special deployment needs for a Raktorak, unless he is in a Fireteam. If in a Fireteam, the Raktorak will stick out as a weak link to the opponent so he should always be placed in a defensible position ideally in total cover.

Active Turn Role

Ratoraks will accompany their chosen link and score objectives as able during the active turn. If they are in a good place to make use of their weapon (and a better option than an accompanying Suryat) they can take charge and fire with link bonuses. This is likely only going to be good odds with the red fury.

ARO Options

The Flamer and Shotgun Raktoraks can make use of these close range weapons should they be given a narrow approach to guard. Always run the math. If the opponent has any kind of modifier in their favor, you will be just as well off Dodging when you are outside of a fireteam.