Raicho Armored Brigade

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Raicho Armored Brigade.jpg
The Raicho Armored Brigade are the Morat TAG and a multipurpose attrition piece. The Raicho Brigade have all proven themselves by taking their TAGs on epic hunting quests, as depicted by the pelt on the model. At a price a little over the cost of the standard TAG you get some unique equipment options and a fairly deadly pilot as well.

Raicho Armored Brigade Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Both profiles for the Raicho include a Multi HMG and with BS 14 its an accurate one. Profiles then chose between a Heavy Flamethrower or a Heavy Shotgun and Mine Dispenser. While the Raicho has no CCW it does come with CC 19 to give it a fighting chance should it get bogged down in melee. Additionally, the Pilot has 2 Heavy Pistols, D-charges, and a knife, allowing her to actually kill things should she be forced out of her mech.

Defensive Tools

ARM 8 and BTS 6 are pretty standard for a TAG, additionally it has ECM to provide some protection from guided missiles. The Morat special rule also means that this TAG ignores the effects of the Isolated state.

Special Tricks

While risky to dismount, the Pilot has both specialist, and D-charges allowing her to accomplish objectives and Classifieds. If she gets into a gun fight, there are also worse shots than B3 Shock at Damage 14.


The Raicho will die to the same things most TAGs die to: AP ammo, missiles, and other heavy weapons. It has some vulnerability to melee, but not as much as the other Combined Army TAGs. One area it is vulnerable is to Hacking, so immobilizing it then shooting it or forcing the pilot out are both workable options, as is taking over with Overlord. Depending on the Variant you can also do good work in its poor range bands. Just don't get too close or you will get a flamer for your efforts.

List Composition

The Raicho takes some planning to use well. It is usually worth bringing an Engineer to repair it, and some kind of hacking help in case the enemy tries to shut it down through the Net. Generally, you will be bringing the Raicho to remove enemy pieces. Just make sure to have other troopers around to finish the mission and a back up gun or two in case something goes wrong.


The Raicho wants to deploy like any TAG in full cover and mindful of where it is going up table. Be watchful for enemy close combat specialists, or "too good to be true" sniping positions left open for hidden deployment.

Active Turn Role

The Raicho wants to engage at range with it's Multi HMG and drop mines or otherwise prevent enemies from getting too close to it. It is better to think of its short range weapons as deterrent emergency use, rather than to rely on them since getting to close can see you bogged down in melee and having to spend orders to get yourself out.

ARO Options

Generally the Raicho will shoot, but it has a better dodge than almost any other TAG in the game so don't forget about using it. If facing multiple penalties for range or camo, Dodge behind cover and deal with the enemy on your own terms next turn.