Phoenix, Veteran Myrmidon Officer

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Offensive Tools

One of the only long range Myrmidons, he will be your major hitting piece for a fireteam. In fact if you put another major tool like a spitfire in there, you're probably wasting points. NWI gives him safety from the first ARO and ODD means the odds will be in his favor [at least where he fights something he wants to]. A major temptation is to use him as an ARO piece, remember to only do this if you KNOW there is no MSV incoming, or you killed it already. Keep an eye on those range bands too, most people aren't as used to this weapon as others, and make sure to max out your use of templates, and especially out of LOS hits from templates. Also remember you can use fire to burn off ODD, Camo, and TO, so dont be afraid to shoot something with heavy armor and shenanigans going. You might not kill it [though Damage 14 w no cover bonus isn't terrible], but you'll definitely make it easier for everyone else & avoid marker state nonsense. Remember you're paying 1/3 of your army's SWC for this thing, make sure it gets some work in.

Avoid shock/DA/explosive though, as you'll wind up losing him in one turn and he's always better off alive and in a link than with that one more model killed. Especially if noone else can form the link [which is not recommended, take at least 2 with the skill per link]. Also if he's NOT the team leader, he's valuable enough people might take unopposed hits to kill him, so keep out of LoS.

Dont forget about the heavy pistol for those close up AROs. It packs quite a punch and complements the range band of the rockets well. Keep it in mind if you're going against something that will likely ARO shoot, where you might not want to use your chainrifle [come on you know you took one to fill the team] or the nanopulser and allow a free shot.

The nanopulser has its place clearing out hordes of low tech models at zero range, if you can get him behind someone and dont want to use the launcher, or for intuitive attacks.

Melee, he's packing a DA CCW and better than average Ph plus MA3 and Kinematika 1. MA3 is the one you want for the Crits on 16s or the superior FtF counter. Take a read on how fireteams influence burst [everyone in base to base adds a burst] but be wary of people trading and then dumping a DTW after you thoroughly butcher your target. This plus smoke grenades can actually be your ticket to fighting things you otherwise couldn't readily handle like TAGs. As with all things Infinity, be very careful that this is the path you want to follow, and you can always consider using someone else in the link to start the fight if it is going to be contested.

Make sure someone in the team is bringing Eclipse grenades though, smoke and ODD both fail to MSV2 and you need to be choosing your battles/having a way to keep him safe in the reactive turn.

Defensive Tools

Special Tricks


List Composition


Active Turn Role

ARO Options