Overdron Batroids

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The Overdron Batroids is a heavy shooter type TAG available at a cheap price. It brings varied heavy weapons, some times in pairs, and the unique Albedo Tin bot to allow it to act as a counter MSV unit. For Combined players looking to add a TAG but not have it take over the whole list, it is the go to choice.

Overdron Batroids Profile.png

Offensive Tools

All three variants of the Overdron bring SWC weapons either a Hyper-Rapid Magnetic Rapid for massive burst, twined Missile Launchers for an ARO TAG and some active turn use (and very low price), or twin Plasma Sniper Rifles for long range dominance and the coveted Plasma ammo. Note that unlike almost every other unit in the game, the Overdron has no pistol or close combat weapon. It will be limited to PH for its damage in CC.

Defensive Tools

In addition to BTS and ARM of 6, the Overdron has some special defensive skills that overcome some of the traditional weakness of TAGs. ECM will help against guided missiles, a TinBot A gives it bonuses against hacking, G: Remote Presence gives it Valor so it can stay in position, and TinBot D Albedo makes it invisible to MSV units on turn one allowing it to ambush them or move to a firing position without triggering LoS ARO

Special Tricks

Use Albedo to take out Visor Troopers. Since this is rare it can take players by surprise and help you remove some of the more annoying enemy models from the field. With access to a Staldron, you can dismount and capture objectives without much risk to the TAG. Do save enough order to get the remote back to the TAG though, or to Reset if you lose it.


The Overdron's glaring weakness is Melee. At CC 14 with no close combat weapon, almost anyone can over power the tag if the get close. This close range weakness also applies to weapons. With no pistol and only long range weapons, you can get in close to the TAG and force it to make bad return fire shots. Try to get a camouflage unit in close, or take it out with heavy weapons at close range on your active turn when it is at its weakness. A special note, it is not generally worth hacking the Overdron since it has a TinBot and decent BTS but if you have a good quality hacker, or can get free hacking ARO against it, do consider possessing it or Imobilizing it. It's WIP of 13 can fail it and allow you some free shots.

List Composition

Because of its fairly affordable price, the Overdron can be added to a list without dominating it. Consider adding it when you want a large active turn piece to help clear the approach for other models. Also, due to its Albedo rule, this TAG pairs well with camo models since you can use the TAG to hunt down visors, then let a Malignos or Shasvastii Noctifers run the table with their superior modifiers.


The Overdron wants to make sure it can cover the long approaches from your opponent's side without leaving itself vulnerable to an attack from a short approach. Be wary of AD units coming in from the board edge.

Active Turn Role

Light em up! This TAG exists to shoot it out. Avoid firefights with models that have signifigant defensive modifiers, and try to get into good range bands with weaker troopers acting as a bully piece. The HRMC is good against generic troopers, the Missile Launcher for enemy heavy targets, and the Plasma Sniper is great on everything. As with any TAG, save a few orders to retreat to a safe position at the end of the turn.

ARO Options

Being a TAG the correct answer most of the time (but not always) will be to shoot. Dodging at 8s is a hard sell unless taking multiple shots or heavy modifiers. Always do the math before declaring though. It can be easy for models with camouflage to get into poor range bands and apply a -9 or more to your shots which can leave dodge as the better action.