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The ORC Troops are the standard Heavy Infantry that PanOceania has to offer. It is the standard in the faction that most other PanOceanian Heavy Infantry are compared to.

Orc Troops Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Being at BS 14, ORC is sitting with most other PanO HIs and one point behind premier PanO HI choices (Swiss, Joan, Aquila). Though ORC Troops have access to Multi-Rifle, they need to be close in order be effective. With the HMG, the ORC can be an cheap but semi-effective Active Turn killer in lower points games of 200. Higher than that, there are other options that outshine the ORC Troop by a long mile due to the ORC's lack of innate abilities.

Unless you are taking Kirpal Singh for CoC, then making the ORC HMG lieutenant is not the best idea as you want to be aggressive with her. The Assault Hacking as well on ORC is not that great of an option, being that you are paying 42 points for WIP 12 and BTS 3 to potentially suffer a surprise shot Redrum from a Killer Hacker with higher WIP than ORC.

If you are playing NeoTerra, the ORCs then get an option for Fireteam: Haris. Granted you have to take the Boarding Shotgun profile related to it but it does give you some close range capability. However, the majority of the heavy lifting is going to be left to the HMG in link since it get 5 dice in total.

Defensive Tools

Despite not having innate immunities or having camo skills or ODD, the ORC Trooper does come in at a hearty ARM 4. This goes up to Arm 7 if in cover, making ORC able to take Combirifle hits with ease. ARM 4 usually being the threshold where the opponent may consider using AP rounds if available, which does take away from ORC's survivability to an extent.

The only unique profile that separates ORC Trooper from most PanO HI's is the ability to take TinBot A for Deflector Lv1. This is not good by itself outside of a fire team in NCA. Not only that, it is a little dubious of use due to ORC only having a BTS 3, which means that anyone running an assault hacker can still immobilize it with Oblivion or Carbonite potentially. This said, if you have an available hacker it is worth putting Fairy Dust up on ORCs if you are not running Bulleteer to give them Firewall Mods. Putting the opposing hacker as a potential -6 WIP mod means with both Tinbot A and Fairy Dust is going dissuade them from hacking attacks most of the time.

At the same time, the NCA Haris link team can make a viable defense piece with Multi, Boarding Shotgun and HMG to hold a position so your specialists can move up. Though you only get the dice bonus, it helps in repelling some of their specialists from getting up to score if you position right. Even if you do get surprised shot from a camo marker, you can still pose a credible threat to a certain extent with weight of dice. This is relatively dependent though on the loadout and positioning of your opponent's piece during this, so at times it will be better to dodge.

Special Tricks

  • Being a very basic choice as is, there is a lack of special tricks in vanilla PanO. There is a potential to take them in Duo if you bring an EVO hacker to use TeamPro, but this is dubious potentially.
  • As mentioned before in playing ORC in NCA, a ORC Haris with the mandatory Boarding Shotgun, HMG and TinBot A can make it very formidable on the offense, defense and hacking.


Being that they are a plain option with ARM 4 and BTS 3, they can go down with some concerted effort. Using any kind of hacking attacks that immobilizes or isolates them is going to be effective. As well, a lack of MSV options means that you are going to get the drop on them easier with smoke or anything with any level of camouflage in face-to-face rolls.

Other than what was mentioned, they are prone to slicing and dicing like any normal model or anything that removes their armor for any amount of benefit (such as K1 or AP rounds). There middling BTS makes them little effective against any concentrated hacker attack and their arm is not enough to get benefits if one knows how to deal with it.

List Composition

The ORC competes against a lot of other PanOceanian HIs, such as Swiss, Hopsitalier, etc. In lower points games (around the 150-200 range), it is worth taking him to get in an inexpensive and solid HI. In this context, it is worth taking the HMG profile either as the base or as a lieutenant. If you do take the lieutenant, then it might be wise to take Singh as a back-up in case that you lose her to unlucky dice when pushing up.

When playing in a Haris in NCA, as mentioned before the mandatory Boarding Shotgun, HMG, and Tinbot are ones you can look into for a solid Haris that is formidable both in the offense and defense. It is possible to exchange the TinBot profile with the hacker, but as mentioned the hacker is dubious as a choice. Another option is another Boarding Shotgun or combi profiles to shave points, and also gives you some heavy firepower in close range.


In order to get more of their benefit of armor, you want them to be deployed in cover but in position to start moving up. Preferably with an HMG piece as she can start pushing up as soon as possible. With that many points, it would be a waste to keep her in the back line while the rest of the army moves up. If you have to put her on the defensive, you can leave her in a good fire lane to start pressuring units to not going down that route. That said, this is dependent if your think your opponent is going to deploy on an exposed flank or put their good attack pieces on the opposite end.

Multi-rifle should be deployed in cover and/or prone in order to keep it alive during the reactive turn. That said, positioning him in the correct place when needed can provide some ARO DA shots.

Active Turn Role

As mentioned before, the ORC trooper wants to be moving up and being the attack piece with the HMG piece in lower point games. That said, the Multi-rifle can preform this option well to an extent once getting up in close range for potentially dealing with heavier armored targets or downing much heartier opponents with V: Dogged. This is debatable one which one you want to use more and how you spend your SWC during list building. With the ORC's slow 4-4, this would make the Multi-rifle less viable due to needing more orders to get into said position, which in this case this role could have been done by the HMG option much more effectively.

ARO Options

With a good round of pushing forward with a Mutli-Rifle Orc, it is possible to put him on suppression with the AP or Shock ammo, meaning most things will be not fond of coming your way. As mentioned before, the HMG in suppressive is also a good option after moving up and doing active turn duty. While your opponent will have ways to deal with it, it means they are going to have to focus on ORC first before moving up their specialist.