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Neoterran Capitaline Army

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Neoterran Captialine Army Lore

Sometimes referred to as 'The Shield and Sword of the Hyperpower', the Neoterran Capitaline Army (NCA) is established and based on Panoceania's capital planet, Neoterra. Originating from one of the wealthiest and most technologically advanced planets in the human sphere naturally has its perks on the local military; NCA packs some of the most exotic and dangerous units within not only Panoceania, but also the entire human sphere as a whole.

Playing Neoterran Capitaline Army

Taking away the Knights of the Military Orders and some of the other more peculiar elements found in vanilla PanO, NCA presents itself as a reasonably straightforward sledgehammer sectorial. While slow to get up the field, they have the means to hit hard and are able to hold their ground as they advance towards their objective. A typical NCA force fields a great deal of units with above average BS and strong defensive skills such as ODD or TO Camouflage. Examples include the Swiss Guard, the Aquila Guard, and Hexas.

Despite their uncomplicated surface, NCA is still capable of pulling together tricky forces with lots of synergies and surprises. For example, repeaters on units such as the Bulleteer means that NCA's ability to hack opposing troops is respectfully strong, and it also means that these remotes can be buffed to frightening levels of efficacy with Supportware. Furthermore, the Garuda is a very respectable Combat Jump unit with Mimetism, 6-4 movement, and the option of taking a deadly Spitfire. As if this was not enticing enough, the Garuda is also a remote and therefore can similarly benefit from Supportware, making it a huge headache for opponents. Finally, NCA can play a really potent camouflage shell-game given their wide-spread access to troops with TO Camouflage. This can keep opponents wary - wondering where the next strike will come from.


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