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Moran are a star Nomads troop and a key part of Nomads board control dominance. Not only do they have a repeater to extend your hacking area they get crazy koalas to complicate the area for non-hackable troops. With infiltration they provide both of these reactive tools delivered to your opponent on turn 1, without the cost of orders. Above average combat ability and access to either a boarding shotgun or forward observer gives them plenty to do on the active turn as well. Most Nomads and Corregidor players consider this old standard as part of their core forces.

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Offensive Tools

While their main equipment is reactive 12 BS and mimetism make the Moran surprisingly good gunfighters.

The combi gives a longer range, suppression fire, and access to being a forward observer. This is by far the most common profile.

The boarding shotgun provides the template and AP modes giving Moran more potential reasons to be active should you not want to use them for objectives. It also makes a more powerful ARO without requiring an order for suppression fire if you can force them to engage at close range.

Defensive Tools

Their statline does not provide any real defense with 0 ARM, 0 BTS, and 11 PH. However they are meant to manipulate the battlefield indirectly and don't rely on surviving gunfights.

While crazy koalas and repeater are defensive tools, they are for defending your allies and usually make Moran a target rather than prevent it. And that's just the way they like it.

Otherwise their only defense is good deployment to make your opponent deal with your indirect presence (koalas and repeater) without being able to actually target and kill the Moran directly.

Special Tricks

Koalas can be moved haphazardly to activate any enemy mines or perimeter weapons clearing them for a relatively low cost.

If you have access to a hacking device plus you can use white noise through the repeater to help deal with enemy multispectral visors either with the Moran or another troop.

Getting near an enemy armor allows you to use your hackers through the repeater and impose IMM1 on the target. Your Moran can then shoot at the target against their reset, not risking shots or direct template weapons back. With a boarding shotgun you can realistically kill even heavy TAGs this way. If this tactic seems useful keeping the hacker in a smaller second order pool and the Moran in the first can make it easier.

Baggage can allow you to recover lost koalas but with infiltration on the Moran you are almost never close enough to be worth it.

A Moran can make a good datatracker if you deploy it safely on a roof. He can even continue to provide a use because his equipment is indirect. You may not want to make the full use of infiltration in this role to help protect against speculative fire.


The most important way to counter Moran is to have a fast way to clear the koalas. Holoprojector 2, cheap Warbands, g:servants or even your own perimeter weapons can all clear them without risking something vital.

Speculative fire can kill him and destroy his koalas very well. As a bonus he can only dodge with this ARO so he cannot set the Koalas. With only 11 PH this is probably the Moran's biggest weakness if you have access to it. If your speculative fire is just a grenade and not a launcher you will usually not be able to do it without clearing his koalas first as you need to get close.

The repeater can be a weakness and having a killer hacking device to make use of it is a good idea. But most players will take multiple hackers to stop you from abusing their repeater without taking a lot of hits back. You will also need to clear the koalas before hacking through the Moran's repeater unless you are willing to take the hit(s).

If the Moran tries to move by your own hackers or repeaters you can attempt to burn out his repeater and his only response would be reset. You can do this on your turn but you will be taking any hacking attacks.

Killing the Moran before he has a chance to set his koalas deactivates them. If the Moran gets an ARO he can use his ARO to set the Koalas but that at least prevents a lucky shot back.

List Composition

The main concern for Moran is the 0.5 SWC. This is more than fair and does not dissuade most players from using them, but it can be the cause of dropping a Moran for another SK.

Moran do not typically need large order pools for capturing objectives, engaging nearby enemies, or moving the koalas. They are usually safe to put in a second combat group.

A Moran in the first combat group can make use of more orders at times, especially if he takes the BSG.

The obvious pairing with Moran are hackers. You are putting a repeater near your opponent so a KHD to protect your other hackers can be useful. The Moran can still be worth taking without hackers however.

Moran provide a somewhat safe area further up the board, and as such can give shelter to your other infiltrated, airborne deployed, or troops that have otherwise advanced out of your deployment zone. If you use some troops that want to survive a turn half way up the board a Moran can help defend them.

If you have an alpha strike plan that can be hampered by mines a Moran can be worth it just to clear them with his koalas. If the Moran is in the second combat group you can clear any mines without depleting orders from your main attack troop.


With infiltration but no camo the Moran needs to be careful where he deploys. He can provide a role without activating or directly seeing the enemy but you may want to deploy him so you can use him as a late game fighter or specialist. Alternatively using a roof or other difficult to reach spot infiltrates the defensive equipment and keeps an order safe throughout the game. Which style of deployment relies on board layout and how important its is that the Moran can be used later in the game for your list.

Active Turn Role

The primary active turn role is light combat and taking objectives. They are also very useful for clearing enemy mines or perimeter weapons with the koalas. If a Moran has a BSG he can use it to hit grouped enemies, especially fireteams, and use the AP mode to help kill more heavily armored targets.

Without a token state Moran are not as good as some other troops such as the Bandits in these roles, but they are secondary roles for the Moran.

ARO Options

While suppressive fire can be formidable when deployed well the Moran mainly wants to avoid actually generating his own ARO. Koalas and the repeater are how you want to interact with the enemies.

Otherwise the boarding shotgun can give pretty good odds when the opponent cannot get out of its range.

The flashpulse gives better range to the Moran but isn't powerful enough to rely on. Still useful to keep in mind in case you get caught out of range.

If the koalas are alive but not set you usually want to use your ARO to set them to prevent their deactivation. Ideally you don't want the Moran to be seen at all but some troops such as infiltrating snipers can get around even careful deployment.