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The Maakrep Trackers Unit is an elite combined army hunting unit focused on revealing and killing camouflaged and ODD enemies. A Sygma unit, these troops are drawn from conquered Tohaa who are now loyal to the EI. Currently the only model available is a Multi Sniper Rifle, innacurately listed as a Heavy Machine Gun on the Combined Army Starter box.

Maakrep Trackers Unit Profile.png

Offensive Tools

The Maakrep have access to a multispectral Visor 2 on all profiles making them ideal for hunting enemy camouflage and ODD troopers. Their basic profile brings a Combi Rifle and Light Shotgun, but more commonly they are seen with an HMG or Multi-Sniper rifle available for added Special Weapon Cost. They also have two profiles with a Boarding shot gun an grenades, one of which has an EI Hacking Device. Rounding out the profile is the usual pistol and knife on all profiles.

Defensive Tools

Maakrep have good AR and BTS. Sixth sense also means against enemies in their zone of control they can hold their ARO and don't take penalties for surprise shot. Though tempting to leave them in ARO, they are still a one wound model with few defensive modifiers and best used on the active turn. They also have an AutoMediKit giving them more staying power than most models.

Special Tricks

Multispectral Visor 2 allows you shoot through Smoke and zero visibility zones at enemy models when doing so, only the targeted enemy can respond and should they shoot, they suffer a -6 penalty. Combined with a Datarazi a Maakrep can clear large sections of the board with ease.

Maakrep's access to a AutoMediKit meaning that you will want to move out into enemy Line of Fire then move back to total cover, or be certain that if you are wounded you will drop prone out of LoF. This will allow you to use your AutoMediKit without an enemy ARO

The Hacker can cause some difficult choices when approaching hackable targets through smoke inside of Zone of Control. If the enemy chooses to Reset, then you can shoot them. If they Dodge, you can hack them (at worst just for a Spotlight program to set up your shot next order).


The Maakrep is best used as an active turn piece. Taking them out on your turn is always best. Be sure to count your modifiers before going in though. A Maakrep HMG in suppression fire is surprisingly hard to shift since they deny most common modifiers and have a solid BS. Maakreps do not want to be in Close Combat.

Against a Maakrep always use shock ammunition when you can, or take the extra step to shoot them when they are down or Coup De Gra, otherwise your opponent will be bringing them back as soon as they can.

List Composition

Maakrep are a very good choice for either generic Combined Army or the Onyx sectorial fulfilling an essential Visor need.New players are advised to always bring a model with Multispectral visor 2. The Maakrep compares very favorably with the competing Yao Got and exceeds the later in most situations because of its AutoMediKit and sixth sense. As for weapons, Sniper and HGM are each good for their roles. In missions with a focus on many objectives or where the midfield is valuable, a standard Maakrep or Boarding Shotgun profile can help lock down enemy skirmishers and hold ground well.

It is usually advisable to bring one or more models with Smoke Greneades, but this is doubly true when bringing a Maakrep to let them exploit their MSV2


Resist the urge to place a Maakrep where they can see the entire battle field and try to ARO the world. Their stats are good, but they are not that good. Maakreps are better placed in an area where they can command a good field of fire on the active turn, or retreat to a different firing position should they odds be unfavorable. For example, a two story building with a ladder on the back and several different windows to fire from.

Keep in mind that most opponents will try and kill your Maakrep as a priority, especially those who have a lot of Camouflage troopers. Set up your own ARO accordingly.

Active Turn Role

The Maakrep should be focused on killing enemy camouflage markers with a Discover + Shoot action. If in a poor position to take them out themselves, they can discover through smoke and let someone else take out the enemy. You can use a Maakrep as a generic "speaker" to remove enemy pieces at long range, but this will work best through smoke, or when she can draw fire on a single enemy model at a time, ideally a poorly armed one.

Maakrep are hunters, and they work best when they are played like it.

ARO Options

A Maakrep can be left out in Suppression fire or with a very long corridor in the case of the Multi Sniper, but this should be done only when it is truly needed. The Maakrep pays a lot for its raft of abilities, and getting picked off in ARO will often leave your list without valuable options. Remember that if a Camouflage marker is approaching multiple models, your best bet to discover is often the Maakrep. You will have to decide on your own if the risk of letting the enemy approach is greater than the risk of a mid/long range ARO.

While difficult to arrange, it is possible for a Datarazi to throw smoke for a Maakrep on the reactive turn. This will leave you in an enviable position of controlling much of the board without reprisal except from enemy Visors.