Kurgat Reg. of Assault Engineers

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More of a bruiser than your typical support piece the Kurgat Reg. of Assault Engineers bring a combination of mid and long range weapons not typically found on Engineering profiles. Their access to mines and boarding shotguns, a valuable Haris profile in the Morat Aggression Forces, and the rare Autocannon allows them to contribute to attrition as well as objectives.

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Offensive Tools

The Kurgat come standard with Anti-personnel mines and D-Charges in addition to the typical knife and pistol. Their profiles further offer a Boarding Shotgun, Mk12, in linkable profiles, or the deadly Autocannon as a solo piece. Due to it's low BS the Autocannon is not the greatest investment, but it is hard to beat its SWC of 1 point for missions where there are stable objectives that can be destroyed at range.

Defensive Tools

Standard armor of one means that the Kurgat don't want to take hits if they can avoid it. Thank fully their Morat PH of 12 will allow them to dodge better than normal.

Special Tricks

The Morat rule means that Kurgats ignore the effects of the isolation state, and remain regular even during retreat or loss of lieutenant. As such they are good troops if you do not have access to G: mnemonica.

A Kurgat Haris of two boarding shotguns and one MK12 comes in at under 60 points and is a very deadly choice for any Objective Room mission. They can hole up in the room, drop mines, and boarding shotgun anyone who enters making them very hard to clear out.


The Kurgat are reliant on being in a link team and/or being in good range bands to survive on the reactive turn. Most elite attackers can remove them from range. Additionally, should you be able to approach from smoke or behind them, they will fall in CC to most martial artists.

List Composition

A single Kurgat Boarding shotgun with a slave drone can work well in a second combat group, repairing models with STR or dropping mines in the back field if you have extra orders. While more expensive the MK12 or Autocannon can provide some ARO deterrent (especially the MK 12 in Suppressing fire) at a slightly larger investment of points. While the Medi-Tech is a superior engineer in terms of WIP and move speed, the Kurgat still have a nice nitche thanks to their weapon options and Morat rule.

In the Morat Aggression Forces the Kurgats Harris is a cheap way to get specialists and linked boarding shot guns or Mk12s to allow them to do work while also taking objectives. After they secure their objective they can mine it and hole up to watch the narrow approach, proving difficult to remove.


The Kurgat is still a line trooper and unless you brought the Autocannon, its still usually best to keep them out of LoF until they get close to the enemy. The Autocannon can be used as an ARO turret, but is a little expensive for this purpose alone, especially given the other options in CA for ARO pieces.

Active Turn Role

Kurgats want to provide orders to other models until the coast is clear for them to do their job, be it repair or objective capping. In a Harris they can clear their own way to an objective assuming enemy resistance is minor.

ARO Options

Unless they are in a good range band Kurgats will usually want to dodge or (in some situations) lay a mine. If you are going to lose the Kurgat anyway and the enemy is close enough to be effected on subsequent orders it can sometimes be worth sacrificing them to drop a mine and slow or stop an enemy advance. In a link team Kurgats want to be in cover and good range bands for their Boarding shotguns or MK12. Ideally they can back into a place that forces an enemy to engage them on their own terms, and also take a mine hit in the process. When it doubt, dodging is still effective.