Knights Hospitaller

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Offensive Tools

Hospitalliers offer a strong generalist profile, with a wide array of weapons, good BS, reasonable CC/Phys and Martial Arts, a specialist profile, and Frenzy to keep the cost down. There's nothing subtle or complex about using a Hospitallier; he has good BS and HI movement; get a range band edge and win firefights with his elite BS, or march up into close quarters and hit things with his sword.

Defensive Tools

Like his offensive tools a Hospitallier's defenses are good but not exceptional. ARM 4/BTS 6 and 2W lets him take some hits, Phys 14 lets him dodge well if he takes on camo models, and access to Suppressive Fire on BS 14 lets him win firefights. Be wary of Frenzy from non-Linked Hospitalliers as it does deny you cover.

Special Tricks

There are no tricks in general PanO, he's a blunt instrument. In Military Orders seriously consider a Hospitallier + Magisters link; a B5/BS17 HMG will provide significant cover fire to allow the Magisters to get up the table, a Hospitallier Doctor offers a specialist the Magisters can drag along with them, and the option to break/reform the link to use the Impetuous move to get up the table quickly makes it fast enough to get around its short range.


Hospitalliers don't have any way of countering or interacting with camouflage, and their hacking defense is marginal. Engage them from long range with camo markers, take advantage of their aggression to ambush them with Hidden Deployment models, and use aggressive hackers to get at them without allowing them to react.

List Composition

In general PanO a single Doctor with or without Palbots fits almost anywhere. In Military Orders a Magisters + Hospitalliers link will take around 130-150pts and should be supported with a normal mix of Order Sergeant specialists and remotes to deal with mission requirements. Note that DeFersen is a Hospitallier for the Magisters + Hospitalliers link but Joan is only allowed in a Hospitallier-only Core team. The Hospitallier or Hospitallier + DeFersen + Joan link is frequently over 200pts and full of redundant tools, most of the time the Magister link does the same job about as well and gives you enough points for at least two more Order Sergeants.


Find a lane he can move up without taking constant fire from snipers, and put him somewhere he can get to it. Plan for him moving forwards, either because of Frenzy or because he's in a link that wants to go forward, and position him to take advantage of that.

Active Turn Role

Midfield supremacy. Move up, hit things, and push buttons.

ARO Options

Suppressive fire isn't a bad option for the HMG, but always keep in mind the option to dodge on Phys 14 if the BS attack modifiers get too punishing.