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Keisotsu Butai are the backbone of any JSA army. While they have supbar stats compared to most Line Infantry from other factions, they make up for that by being inexpensive and reliable.

Keisotsu Profile.png

Offensive Tools

The humble Keisotsu sports s relatively sup-par BS and WP. While V: Courage helps to override the low WIP and needing to make Guts checks, they will have a hard time interacting with objectives. By themselves, Keisotsu is going to struggle to hit their target. While the HMG is a relatively cheap option, the Keisotsu is not going to take it often unless they are in a fireteam in JSA. The upside to the Keisotsu is their V: Courage as mentioned before, meaning that they'll be able to hold their ground. One of their main SWC weapons is the HMG (one of three units in-faction with access to the HMG), which is held back by the Keisotsus sub-par BS skill.

Their offensive capabilities become much stronger in a link team. This said, however, they are a unit who is still is going to die easily with most weaponry and still does not overcome their subpar BS for the most part.

Defensive Tools

With only V: courage and ARM 1, the survivability of a Keisotsu is nothing to write home about. Their second SWC weapon as mentioned is the Missle Launcher, which can be a somewhat viable ARO when in a link team. They do also have access to forward observers, which can be used to great effect in a defensive link team.

Special Tricks

  • Considering the price-point of Keisotsus, you can easily build up a link team with them and Kempeitai with mostly FOs for flash pulse.
  • If you have the SWC to spare, you can go the route of having one of your Keisotsus as one of your lieutenants and having a few other blank profiles to hide him in.
  • Not so much a trick, but Keisotsus are the only profile with a regular hacking device. This means you really want to take him in order to buff your attack remotes or give fairy dust to protect your HIs.


Though they have V: Courage to choose to fail their guts rolls, Keisotsus are very easy to kill. On the flip side, if the Keisotus pass their armor save, your opponent is more than likely voluntarily fail their guts check unless there is a reason for them to keep them exposed (examples of this is having a Missile Launcher or FO to provide AROs).

In link teams, they can be devastating for other units such as Domaru, Kempeitai and Yuriko Oda that is part of said link team. However, Keisotsus alone do not have the raw stats to go up against most things, so eliminating them will easily deal with the rest of the link team. Keep in mind if there is a Kempeitai in the same link team he will become link leader due to Number 2.

List Composition

For the most part, your Keisotsus are going to be the cheap order generators and specialists. Since the Keisotsus are AVA Total, you do not need to worry about having a hard limit in how many you can take in a list. However, taking a list full of Keisotsus is a bad idea. For the most part, you want to have the Keisotsus be your cheap order generators in your typical JSA list.

Being that Keisotsu is the only access to a regular hacker in the faction, you are going to take the hacker most of the time for Fairy Dust for your HIs or assisted fire for your remotes.

Then there is the Keisotsu link team. Most of the time, the Keisotsu Butai wants to play more of a defensive role with their link team. Your typical link composition wants to include a Missle Launcher to act as your main ARO piece, supported by three other Keisotsus, and then a Kempeitai to provide CoC for the rest of the army. For the composition of your other three Keisotsus, it can be just your ordinary soldiers or some form of specialists in the form of a forward observer (for Flash Pulse AROs) or Paramedic (in case of emergency healing or scoring the objectives). There is a case to take another Missle Launcher Keisotsu for redundancy in the same link team, but the downside is that it is eating into your SWCs.

In an aggressive link team, Keisotsus are going to be the link fillers instead of the main attack pieces most of the time. While the Keisotsu HMG gives you a range option that is rare in JSA, the drawback is the low BS that the Keisotsu sport. The positive is that the HMG is relatively cheap, so there is the argument to take him alongside another unit in the link (either the Kempeitai Spitfire or Shock Marksman Rifle, or Domaru Spitfire).


With no special deployment abilities, the Keisotsus are going to want to hide in total cover unless they are an ARO piece (such as an FO or Missile Launcher). Use the rest of your Keisotsus to protect your flanks from AD troopers.

Active Turn Role

They do little in the active turn unless they are in a link team or need to reposition for their AROs. One other role can be to score the objective with your Keisotsu specialists but this is if only they are in a link team or things have gotten desperate. With the link team, they provide the order efficiency to move multiple models. Keep in mind though that you still want them to be in cover for the most part.

ARO Options

As mentioned in the list composition section, your main ARO pieces are going to be the Missile Launcher and Flash Pulse from the Forward Observer. For the most part, they do this role quite well due in part t0 their low cost and ease of creating a link team. As always, keep them behind cover.