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Offensive Tools

One of the best use of Kamau outside of Varuna is as a cheap secondary hitting piece. It shouldn't really be your go to ARO or your go to Rambo, but 1 SWC HMG, superior BS, and Mimitism means it will win the majority of it's FTF if you use it in the right range bands and on the right targets. So good is it's BS and burst that you'll even be able to engage things that have defensive mods provided they're not in a good range band. This is also a good starting model if you're in an escalation league or learning to play Infinity, which is probably why it appears in the Beyond Ice Storm set.

In Varuna, it will fulfill a similar function to a fusilier HMG except with more points for mimimitism to help it with those FtF, in this role it would be an active turn turret piece and deterrent. You keep it hidden and let your MSV Sniper or other ARO tool take the brunt of the fighting while the HMG hides out of sight, and your opponent knows it will do a good job clearing the field of anything [lacking didicated ARO tools & Mods] they dont get into total cover. This offers a lot of board control.

Moving on from the HMG there are two other profiles worth remembering for active play, and a 3rd that can get the job done.

  • The Heavy Rocket Launcher provides excellent deterrence against fireteams, clustered impetuous troops, and filler models. It also can force hits on models it cant see or target directly. One of the most useful and under appreciated roles is to burn off TO Camo, ODD, etc. In this role it can be critical in bringing down enemy monsters, especially TAGs/Rems/HI who cant dodge as well. Remember regular camo burns off too, removing the marker state shenanigans. They have to fail a dodge or FtF for this to come into effect though. Can be CONSIDERED for ARO duty, but honestly if you want that you're probably better off w fusilier ML options, as they'll actually kill things, whereas even ignoring cover damage 14 can be brushed off by a lot of heavies. Fire can be a fickle but occasionally game changing option though if they start failing roles/built a lot of doctor coverage into a list that never gets to be used.
  • The Hacking Device - Usually considered more as a specialist option and supportware platform due to its program selection, the heavy BTS and superior WIP makes this actually one of PanO's better options for applying the digital pain. Best done from out of LoS against something that does not have great BTS of its own or a hacking device packing breaker equipped programs. Note: if you're in a fireteam this can also be worth dropping out of the team to be able to give 2 different AROs in many cases. +3 mod vs an unopposed role can be a major difference. This by definition works through repeaters or in the second phase of the game where you're actually moving up on objectives after the long range fighting has concluded the greatest of threats.
  • The MSR - Better as an ARO in which case it's a cheaper, worse armored Nisse but which lacks the gift of Forward Deployment as an LI, can be a good budget ARO piece, especially in a fireteam. On offense though, DA and/or AP ammo on Damage 15 and 2-3 burst is nothing to turn up a nose at. Especially if an opponent has a marker state you know doesn't have the best long range weapons on it. This also fits the 'backfield' niche of the Kamau's toolkit well.

To be honest most of these should only be considered if you're: playing Varuna, short on points, or REALLY feel like you need one of the unique additions [i.e. a regular HD or an HRL]. Otherwise PanO's tilt towards narrow focused specialists means you have better options than the jack of all trades Kamau.

Defensive Tools

Special Tricks


List Composition


Active Turn Role

ARO Options