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Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor

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Sectorial of Nomads.svgNomads

Playing Corregidor

Corregidor has some of the best access of any sectorial. With no real weaknesses Corregidor's Fireteams can be somewhat basic to make up it. While Corregidor has no explicit weakness, without an explicit advantage they have little a player can lean on.

Corregidor has some of the most useful low cost orders with Jaguars. One of the most effective long range troops with the Intruder. One of the best hacking and board control units with the Moran. One of the best specialists with Tomcats. Corregidor ranks high in almost every category.

As you would expect from Nomads Corregidor has top tier board control. In fact, retaining the Moran and adding the potential for Sixth Sense Level 2 hacking and a reactive Fireteam gives them some advantages.

With a wide variety of profile choices for Airborne Deployment and elite, combat oriented Skirmishers Corregidor has very mobile gameplay, striking from angles of your choosing and getting consistent flanking attacks. Smoke from the Jaguars aids in mobility as well. Finally the long range power of the Intruder makes clearing AROs possible without relying on using the Fireteam.


Light Infantry

Medium Infantry

Heavy Infantry