Ikadron Batroids

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The strategic support unit for the Combined Army the Ikadron Batroids bring valuable area denial and senario tools to the table. Posessing Flash pulse, two light flamers, and the coveted Baggage skill, these Auto-tool units are a source of cheap orders for the elite heavy Combined Force

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Offensive Tools

An Ikadron's main focus is not battle. However, they do possess a pair of light flamers and 6-2 movement allowing them an effective maximum range of just over 14 inches with Burst 2 on the active turn. Being only 9 points, it can often be worth sending them valiantly into a hail of gunfire and taking out an enemy much more valuable than them. They also have access to Flash Pulse, which is a nice bonus on their 13 WIP should they be attacked from outside of flamer range, or should winning the face to face be more important than scoring a hit. They also have a pistol for the corner case situations or free AROs where they want to use it.

Defensive Tools

While it was mentioned in the offensive tools section, flash pulse is also worthy of note as a defensive tool since it can shut down even a TAG with a failed BTS roll. With Assisted Fire, Enhanced Reactions, or Overclock, this becomes an even better prospect. Should it find itself in CC the Ikadron can use Electric Pulse to try and shut down an unlucky opponent.

As a unit with structure instead of wounds, remember that Ikadrons have an extra unconscious state, meaning it takes longer to completely remove them from the board.

This unit is a Repeater which can allow a hacker to gain ARO through it. While it wont help the unit survive an enemy attack, it may shut down subsequent actions by a hackable attacker.

This unit has the rare skill G: Autotool which means that it can be a host for a G:Gnemonica presence such as the Anathematic or Charontid. This is the only way in the game currently to end up with an REM Lieutenant.

Special Tricks

The Ikadron have a lot of utility for a combined force. They are repeaters extending your hacking range, the are REM models and can be buffed with Assisted Fire (granting Shock to their flamers or letting their pistol and flash pulse ignore cover), or gain better ARO from Enhanced Reactions or Overclock.

Melee is usually the last place you want this unit to be, but remember when a high cost model walks near by that you can use the Engage ARO and will do so at no PH penalty. Sometimes tying up an opponent for that extra order is the difference between victory and defeat.

Baggage gives the Ikadron a special role in combined army. They will count for 20 points more than their cost for scoring missions such as Supremacy allowing you to hold territory more easily with them. Baggage also allows the reloading of limited ammunition such as mines, the Anathematic's sepsitor, or Markers from Bit and Kiss.


The Ikadron is not particularly deadly. Stay out of flamer range and try and stack modifiers being wary of the Flash Pulse. Generally the opponent will want to protect them as they are cheap orders. Clearing them out from range, if able, will allow you some more freedom of movement in the enemy deployment zone. Like any remote, they are also vulnerable to hacking and E/M ammo, but be careful as there may be an enemy hacking waiting in the wings and happy to hack you through their repeater.

It's worth noting that Baggage means that these models actually count as 29 points for scenarios where models control zones based on points making them a priority for destruction.

List Composition

Ikadrons are good in almost any list. Two cheap orders can help the usually order strapped Combine forces, especially the Shasvastii Sectorial. Also double flamers in your deployment zone is never a bad thing for board control. Consider them along with a specialist, such as the MedTech for a second combat group where a few orders can go a long way.


Avoid long LoF to the enemy DZ and place them somewhere that can deter enemy drop troops. Along the board edges or short approaches to your deployment zone is ideal, as well as any safe LoF blocking terrain in your Deployment Zone that lets them watch an otherwise open area.

Active Turn Role

The Ikadron should be giving its order to other units, but be on the look out for a chance to put its double flamers to use, such as on a Link team that is too far forward, or if the enemy has left a clear approach to their deployment zone and order pool. It can also be worth sending one on a suicide mission to flame a model with ODD or camo as these skills are "burned" off by any fire hit (note that is on HIT not on wound)

ARO Options

Enhanced by a hacking program the Ikadron can be a good deterrent with B2 WIP 13 Flash pulse attacks hitting on as high as 16s. If you care more about killing the enemy than saving yourself, and if they are close enough, then go for the flamer shot. You will probably lose the Ikadron, but flame attacks have the potential to inflict multiple wounds or even kill large models.