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Hunzakuts Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Grenade Launcher

Offensively this profile comes with a rifle + light grenade launcher (LGL). The LGL can be used with speculative fire to get rid of links and camo-markers. A previously deployed repeater + hacking program: Ppotlight makes this solid, but come with a high order amount for one attack. It shines against link-teams, but check their PH skill, as some very offensive links are good at dodging and then you will have wasted at least two normal orders and one irregular.

Forward Observer

The forward observer (FO) has the rifle + light shotgun (LSG) loadout. Placed midfield, the LSG will shine by boosting the low BS 11 to BS 17. Cover and camo will lower it but still make it usable. CH: Camouflage with Surprise Shot Lvl 1 and cover will modify your duel to a BS 17, enemy mod -6 with Burst 1. Frontline specialists often come with CH: Camo or TO or Holo1/2. They will have some sort of combi/multirifle or shotgun. Your active duel will most likely look like: Hunzakut BS 17 (11+6), enemy mod -6, B2 Enemy BS 15-18 (12+3/6) enemy mod -6/9, B1

The important factor is the higher burst. That said in the reactive turn Hunzakuts will often struggle hard. They can clear the area, especially if the enemy specialist is not guarded by camo or a holoprojector but it is tough call.

Both profiles have the rifle to go into surpressive fire and get a +3 Mod for the 8-16 rangeband. This gives them some zoning potential in the defense. In suppressive fire (SF) a Hunzakut modifies the enemy BS with -9 normally (-3 cover, -3 SF, -3 CH: Camouflage).


The sniper profile offers CH: Camouflage with Surprise Shot 1 and that´s it for the offensive power. For sniper duels the Hunzakut lacks a better camoflage (CH: TO - Tuareg sniper) or link bonus (Ghulam sniper) or the MSV 1/2 (Govads/Djanbanzan) or more wounds (Ayyar sniper). In vanilla Haqqislam just the Bounty Hunter sniper and the Al Hawwa sniper are worse choices for offensive sniper use. Even the Ayyar is a wasting it´s potential as a sniper in the back.

Mines and deployable repeaters

Mines are a great tool. You can place them at a corner with an intuitive attack (WIP 14 helps) when the enemy is in trigger range. The trigger range is important, because it forced the unit to waste half it´s order for dodge or take a hit. If you place the mine in LOS, but out side of the trigger range, the mine can be spotted or just ignored. These mines work best as an offensive zoning tool forcing your opponent to think about them.

  • They can walk around ->then you chose the way they walk by placing the mine and it will cost them more orders to walk around.
  • They can choose to take the hit -> then they will waste half of their order with dodge or a free hit.

To make this even more of a hard trade, you guard your Hunzakut with a mine. If the enemy calls dodge he does not shoot, if he shoots it will be at least a free mine hit to armorsave. Deployable repeaters work the same way against hackable units. They excell with the ZoC rule, because they don´t need LOS. Backed by 2 HD´s every hackable unit or hacker will think twice to go near.

Just keep in mind that offensive does not mean active!

Setting the area up the way you like, forces the enemy to play your game. He will have to use a cheap unit or a holo2 echo to get rid of the mine. If he can not or does not want to use these options he has to play by your rules. A Hunzakut guarding an objective with suppressive fire (SF), mines and a repeater is solid defense for 2 normal orders and a commandtoken, placed mid field without the need to walk to the front (infiltration).

Hunzakuts can disrupt the enemies order management just by positioning themselves. They are weaker headlong. Other Haqq units are better suited to actively clear the terrain.

Defensive Tools

Deployable repeater - profile

This Hunzakut loadout gives him/her the option to be guarded by the fellow hackers. Placing the deployable repeater with the irregular order will break the camo-marker state and needs a WIP 14 roll, but the ZoC around him / the repeater will be a hazadous for hackable units and hackers itself.

The light grenade launcher (LGL) uses the same rangeband as the rifle, so the difference is the impact template that can hurt more units and ignores cover. In the 8-16" rangeband a +3 Mod is possible, but 0-8" will force you to take the pistole for a positive Mod.

Forward observer - profile

The forward observer (FO) Hunzakut has the rifle + light shotgun (LSG) loadout, which gives him/her a better face-to-face power in close range. That can hurt bad positioned linkteams. As a FO this Hunzakut carries a flash pulse, which can stun (Flash ammunition-stunned state) the enemy instead of wounding him/her. In the longer run this can stop the rampage of a bully like achilles and others for the rest of the turn. Killing these bullies is hard, but stunning them will stop your opponent from ramboing thru your army. It forces a BTS-roll instead of an arm-roll, so look at the enemy´s profile and check your odds.

Both the FO and the depl. repeater loadout come with a rifle. Infiltration and a rifle in suppressive Fire (SF) gives you a headstart to be in position for the game. A Hunzakut can guard an area with SF, giving the opponent a -9 Mod (Cover-3, SF-3,CH:Camo-3) If you add a deployable repeater and/or antipersonnel mines, it will be a tough call to get rid of the Hunzakut.

Sniper - profile

A sniper Hunzakut is prepared for longe range sniper duells and can use his pistole for the close range. In the 8-16" rangeband he/she has no option for a positive BS Mod.

Antipersonnel mines

All Hunzakut loadouts come with these mines. They offer a great deal of protection if you use your irregular order to place a mine. Your opponent then has to face the Hunzakut Aro and the template of your mine.

  • They can choose to dodge - > then they wasted the offensive power of this order
  • They can choose to attack -> then you have a free hit, even if you just dodge

CH: Camouflage and Infiltration

All Hunzakuts can benefit from the CH: Camouflage -3 Mod or the camo-marker state. Infiltration will make them not just order efficient, it will enable them to be in a defensive position already (on the roof, in a building). Enemys that want to get rid of a Hunzakut in /on a building will have to burn some orders to get there. Some metas even play with the rule: doors are closed and need a short skill to open. Free mine and shoot aro.

The Hunzakut has a good toolkit to guard himself. The bigger defensive power for your army is offered by the trigger range of the mines and the ZoC of the depl. repeater. It forces your opponent more orders to get around or rid. Just check the units, high Arm/PH/W rambos can walk through your mines and repeaters.

Special Tricks

In the special tricks area you still have to consider the loadouts.

Overall you can guard your Hunzakut with mines and in buildings, forcing your opponent to have a tough way to get to the Hunzakut.

The deploayable repeater loadout offers a light grenade launcher (LGL) for speculative fire. You can get better odds with laying down the repeater, using a hacker to spotlight the enemy and then attack the targetted enemy with a speculative shot. This is very order intensive and should be used against diverse targets like link teams or CA beats with their handler.

As stated in the offensive and defensive sections the "special" tricks of Hunzakuts are the boardcontroll. Your repeater and mines are zones that force your opponent to think twice about the risk. If he does not want to go in rambo and take all fights head on, he will walk around this area. With positioning your Hunzakut near an objective you can handle the order management of your opponent and sneak in your forward observer in turn 2-3 to be there when you need him/her.

A Hunzakut is an ideal specialist to be a specialist troop with the forward observer - profile. Being forward observer (FO) with Infiltration allows him/her to grab objectives in high order efficiency. Guarded by CH: Camouflage, with mines and repeaters. Equipped with a flash pulse and a light shotgun. For 18 points and 0 swc you get the specialist you dream off. Infiltration, marker state, Camo, close range guns, flash pulse, lays mines and repeaters, specialist.


..Why do I even tell you..? Well, to beat the Hunzakut you need to know which one it is and which job he/she is assigned to do.

Deployable repeater - profile

He/she can´t grab objectives. So his/her jobs will be zoning and/or attacking. Mines and the specilative light grenade launcher are the threats. Close range or long range this Hunzakut is weak, take him with a shotgun within 8" or a at 16+".

Forward observer - profile

Attention - Specialist spotted! Armed with a flash pulse and a light shotgun (LSG) he can brawl close range and kill your unguarded specialist. This loadout can defend and attack in close range (0"-8"), longe rangebands are his/her weakspot. Keep in mind that a deployable repeater and mines are still tools this Hunzakut can and will use.

Sniper - profile

It is just a sniper with a pistol and mines. 0"-8" the pistol is the weapon of choice for defense, 16+" the sniperrifle. 8"-16" he has no weapon with a positive Mod.

Deployable repeater

Check for hacking devices to know the hacking threats enabled by the deployable repeater. Maybe you can get the repeater with a speculative attack when you try to take out the Hunzakut. Badly placed repeaters can be taken out by range.

Antipersonnel mines

Use Holo echos, cheap units, high PH dodge specialists or high armor rambos to clear mines headlong. Maybe the Hunzakut itself blocks the LOS for the mine, so take out the Hunzakut first. Sometimes these mines can be taken out by range, without them exploding.

CH: Camouflage MSV 1+, templates, speculative fire, intuitive attacks and fire. These things work well against any type of CH. A cheap heavy flamer can take out the Hunzakut along with his repeater/mines. It will be a trade, but killing a specialist with zoning power is worth the trade.

List Composition


Sniper - profile

With the sniper loadout you your Hunzakut to be in a higher place, maybe guarding your doc/engi/LT with mines. Always keep in mind the firelanes and the rangeband of the sniper. Outranging your opponents gun is important to have better odds! It is very likely that your sniper will end up in or near your deployment zone.

Deployable repeater and forward observer - profile

The other two loudouts want to be mid field to zone your opponent and/or grab an objective. If you choose to plosition in or on a building, your Hunzakut is safer. This will enhance your offensive power with the light grenade launcher (LGL) and the repeater. That said, it will take you more orders to get out of the building with the FO for an objective.


Infiltration is always without a roll in your half of the table. This is a important to get your Hunzakut 100% on the position you want. Going further is possible, but you have to consider the risk of failing. Also take into account who starts first and how you want to advance / expect your enemy to advance. Plan a head, try to look at your opponents armylist and figure out how he will use it.

Active Turn Role

The power of the Hunzakuts is in their irregular order. You can plan to use him a head, because you don´t have to decicde which units uses his order. Each turn at least one move will be his/hers alone. With CH: Camoflage they can move around not being killed by the first aro. Surpriseshot Lvl 1 does help in duels.

Deployable repeater and FO - profile

Setting up the area

As an infiltrator they can set up repeaters and mines mid field. Against hackable armies you can setup a no-go area. That limits Tags and HI´s in their movement choice, even HD´s are limited to some point, you need 2-3 HD´s to make the repeater area hazardous. The mines work against everything that comes into range.

For round 2 and 3 you can follow your zoning with more mines and good aro positions (even surpressive fire) OR switch to their role as objective grabber (just FO - profile). WIP 14, CH: Camo and eventually cover are a solid tool set for an objective grabber.

Hunting specialists

With the GL and FO loadouts the Hunzakut can hunt with rifle + cover + Surpriseshot (-6 for the enemy, just the rifle rangeband is tricky) . The FO - profile shines here with the LSG under the barrel, giving the Hunzakut +6 BS and -6 for the opponent. With theoretically BS 17 Burst 2 and an enemy with BS -6 and just Burst 1 that is a solid way of cleaning the area around the objective you want to get.

The LGL become handy with your repeater. Spotlight/FO - speculative fire. The problem with this is the amount of orders this move costs. Works best against rushing links or nasty camo spams.

Sniper - profile

The sniper loadout can be used defensively to get into a nice position to use the sniper rifle rangeband and guard the Hunzakut with mines. If you locate the Hunzakut in/near your deployment zone, you can cover your LTs / hacker backline (Barid for example) with your mines. Their role in the active turne is to shot down some nice targets with your sniper rifle. This will be a very limited active use. You will probably aro a lot more. With no MSV or viral your offensive power is limited.

The FO profile is the most commonly used because it seems to make best use of the tools a Hunzakut has: Mines, deployable repeater, CH:Camo, WIP 14 specialist, etc.

ARO Options