Hexas, Strategic Security Division

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The Hexas profile gives the Hyperpower an efficient clandestine unit. Available in vanilla PanOceania and NeoTerran Capitaline army, the Hexas have a variety of roles to help give you the edge in battle.

Hexas, Strategic Security Division Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Hexa sports the Spitfire loadout at a respectable but PanO standard BS 12. At wip 13, he is able to stay up in ARO or be able to hack well against normal hackers with its KHD profile (along with being able to use TO camo to use surprise shot with your hacking attempts). The downsides of using the Hexa as your primary active turn piece is having nothing but ARM 1 outside their TO Camo, so he loses out to other active turn choices most of the time.

If you take the hacking route, then the KHD Hexa has their Wip 13 to kill most hackers with ease from a surprise attack. Redrum is used on a single target while Trinity is good for multiple targets. Skullbuster is used for if you are against a high BTS hacker.

Defensive Tools

The Hexas primary defensive weapon is the Multi Sniper Rifle, which clocks in at a modest 32 points, the same as a Kamau sniper. While it does lose out on any form of MSV, the ability to have a hidden deployment ARO piece is good for keeping your opponent on the back foot if he is caught by surprise. As mentioned before, he has only ARM 1 to complement his TO Camo, meaning that Hexas are going to die more often than not to anything that has MSV2 or higher. Hexas' KHD profile is also good for being a defensive piece to support your HIs and tags against any hackers who are eager to Stop! your HIs or possess your tags. Skullbuster is also good for bouncing back from a surprise attack Killer hacker as well.

Special Tricks

+Use your TO Camo! While he loses out on infiltration in comparison to Croc-man, the ability to use hidden deployment can make your opponent worried about moving up. As well, TO camo give you some protection from being spotted, and able to walk up to the objective with relative safety if you are running one of the two hacker profiles.

+The Killer Hacker profile can be used to take remotes without having to spend additional SWC and at a low points cost. However, it does reveal your intentions of running a KHD in your list unless you also field a TAG.

+In continuation to the second point, you can use the repeater network off your bots to go hunting for the opponent's hackers. This is not always a viable tactic though, as the Hexa has no native BTS and will lose against stronger hackers like the Barid and Interventor.


The TO Camo is the main thing you are going to be worried about. However, a Hexa has average stats that make them easier to deal with. With access to MSV, you can easily mitigate to outright ignore the Hexas' TO Camo. With no BTS, a Hexa is easily susceptible to retaliatory hacking AROs with his Hacking Device and Killer Hacker Device. Any hackers better than the Hexa or something sporting MSV should easily deal with Hexas, along with grenades and template weapons.

List Composition

In your typical vanilla list, your Hexa is only AVA 1. If you want to field a Killer Hacking Device to help defend against enemy hackers then it will fill this AVA (this profile is the only KHD in Vanilla PanO until the Third Offensive profiles are made available).

If not taking a KHD then the Multi Sniper can be a good ARO piece to hide until needed, but there is stiff competition for AROs in Vanilla PanO.

The Hexa Spitfire is a decent unit, but tends to be left behind in favour of competing units: primarily the Bulleteer with Spitfire. This is largely due to the Hexa starting in the deployment zone and needing some orders to get up the board, without being particularly fast. The Hexa is more expensive, with its only advantages being fairly situational: hidden deployment, marker state, smaller size and ability to go prone, and not being hackable.

When taking the Hexa in NCA, their availability goes to three. This can be used to take a more than one KHD and potentially the Multi Sniper.

The recommendation if you wish to run three (which is not usually preferred) is the Multi-Sniper profile and two KHDs. If you are worried about orders, you can have the two KHDs start as a marker instead of being in hidden deployment.


With no way to get up the mid-field, your Hexa is going to be in the back-line for the most part. With their Hidden Deployment, however, you can set them up out of sight of your opponent until they are needed. If you are running the Multi Sniper loadout, you can deploy Hexa in one of many positions that can give your sniper a good shot while your opponent walks up in the belief he is free from any snipers.

With the KHD profile, you can either put them in the backline or in position to run them up to the objective as your fallback. It is good to note that you still want some kind of repeater network if possible to deter the opponent's hackers from getting too close as well.

Active Turn Role

With their active turn, you want to pop out your KHD at the right time to eliminate a few of the opponent's hackers. Once the threat has been removed, it is good to put them back into marker state (preferably TO Camo unless you are coming up against something with MSV, then using Cybermask is viable). If needed, Hexa can walk towards the mission objective and try to interact with the antennas. With this, Hexa also has the T.O Camo marker state and go back into it as a layer of protection if needed. A Similar thing can be done with the MSR Hexa, who can use surprise shot in the active turn to drop an unsuspecting target who may have gotten too exposed. The most common ammo type you should be using is DA, as AP tends to be very limited in its uses in most cases.

If you got to the spitfire loadout, it can be a good active turn weapon for removing order generators and less adept at the active turn. As mentioned, however, the problems with this profile is the lack of any real protection outside its TO Camo and is somewhat slow to get up the board to its good range.

ARO Options

As some of the options for ARO, you can use the Hexa KHD to give you some board control. Preferably with a remote, in order to spread a repeater net to make the opponent think twice about moving forward with their hacker, even though it is one dice in ARO. The downside to this is that it will lose out to more competent KHDs such as Interventors and Barids, but against most hackers, it will deter them from moving forward towards the objective. The MSR Hexa can use his TO Camo modifiers against non-MSV units to slow their advance. Again non-MSV units, they are shooting at a -6 with their BS attacks, which alone is quite hefty. Preferably this is done after you used the Hexas' surprise shot in the active turn.