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Offensive Tools

Plasma rifle plus X visor is amazing in 3 different ways:

  • Good bonuses at med/close range on an impact template weapon that's functionally double action, and burst 4 in a fireteam. Impact template with ignoring cover is great and that armor and BTS means you're usually in someone's weakspot. Even HI aren't going to be completely comfortable rolling against 13s with only their armor.
  • IF you break Hektor out of the fireteam, which remember, is always an option, he becomes the world's most unpleasant SF roadblock. He has the durability to absorb incoming fire with multiple wounds and NWI [or eat uncontested shots from a coordinated order], the X visor negates the long range penalty to SF, and his BS is pretty generous, and worse comes to worse his PH is strong on the dodge/has decent Kinematika. In offense because of the massive board control it allows and because you'll want to set it up in the active turn.
  • The ARO trap - Without SF, 2 shots out to a great range w SSL2 is amazing. Ideally combine this at medium to close range with other fireteam members that have weapons that complement it. Together a team can shut down the entire backfield after getting in position under eclipse or smoke cover. Anything that moves will have to face 4 or even 6 incoming shots. Meanwhile the cheap chainrifle [come on you know you took him] can watch their backs & close off an alley.

Link Versatility Usually thought of with Myrmidons remember the alternatives:

  • Thorakati - no SWC vs their other 2 link formers, good hitting piece saving SWC, makes a cheap durable link with a cheap specialist or lets you bring a Fuerbach into play to handle the heavy armor Hektor cant and cover some longer range brackets while Hektor mulches infantry
  • Dactyls - Freed of duo, can grow up to 4, and come with a variety of useful tools and skills. Hektor can escort these cheap dogged specialists to objectives, while being healed up en route by the doctor, and allow them to bring their adhesive launchers, D Charges, and even Flammenspears into play. These guys are actually pretty cheap and fill a LOT of SP's weaknesses. They also make an ideal core for an annoying secondary group that will by its nature be order efficient and have extra orders from Hektor meaning even stripped it'll have 2-3 to start with.
  • Reforging - the universality of Hektor also means you can move him to others to reform them, especially valuable at keeping burst bonuses up and keeping specialists moving.

Stun Grenades - Interesting tool, prevent your opponent from declaring attacks after a BTS role, these can be amazing for incapacitating your opponents and Hektor's great stats and Burst 2 allow you to use them more aggressively upfield. Also great for getting rooms clear/dealing with other nonsense from the 'power links.'

Exp CCW - A critical piece of the Myrmidon 'smoke em till you got em' approach to dealing with TAGs/SHI. Remember to be very careful that you get your smoke approach and line of advance right. With only about 40" of movement total to deliver him, he's not Achilles in this regard. BUT once he's in combat that MA4, Kinematika 2 and CC23 will let him butcher most things up to and including Avatars [sepsetor needs to be able to see to fire in ARO.]. Even for true CCW masters he can be a tough proposition, which also makes him rough to assassinate, even as a declared Lieutennant. Make sure his team has Eclipse support both to keep this option open and to make sure you can choose which fights to take: Hint, long range gunfights with a Fusilier/Any missile link are not the best idea.


  • Congratulations you traded 1 point of burst for less actual firepower [ignores cover and has the DA effect of plasma] for 1/3 your SWC allowance. Head back into army builder, and if you want one of these, buy the myrmidon who has it that costs less, is half the SWC, has better mods, and pretty similar BS.

Nanopulser - Actually kind of great at times, WP 15 means you're actually a real threat intuitive attacking, you can absorb a return DtW on the reveal, and the thing hits pretty decently against anything that doesn't turn out to be HI. You COULD use it to hit someone behind your target/as an amusing as an alternative in ARO when you're getting mobbed/someone forgot that you can zap everyone in a CO/Fireteam if they walk through the same channel, but ask yourself... 'why am I not using the plasma rifle that hits harder, has functional DA, and starts at a closer point, whilst also giving me face to face protection?'

Strategy - In an army dependent on ODD, having someone who can gunfight well at ranges where most MSV's weapons aren't in ideal range and who doesn't care about it is an enormously useful piece of the toolkit, especially in a double Myrmidon link list. Also, please please please bring Eclipse. When building lists always consider 1 combat group for that 11 order glory, or consider that you might well want to take 2 smaller groups as you wont be hamstrung as much.

Defensive Tools

Special Tricks


List Composition


Active Turn Role

ARO Options