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Offensive Tools

The Hac Tao has several different combat options, all of which complement its two wounds and TO camo. Key profiles that can make use of a hard-to-hit, expensive, and durable model are the HMG and Hacking profiles. In the case of the HMG it can fill the standard slot of an HI HMG, with a bunch of extra bonuses to stack on top.

The Hacking profiles also get MULTI rifles as powerful fire-fight weapons.

Executive Order allows it to start in Hidden Deployment, safe from being sniped by the enemy during the first turn, then jump out and use the LT. order begin a Rambo run.

Of the profiles, the Missile Launcher and Boarding Shotgun will be the hardest to justify for the price. The boarding shotgun wants to be in close, but the Hac Tao lacks infiltration or forward deployment skills. The Missile launcher can do a lot of damage, but lacks the burst to be a reliable attack platform.

Defensive Tools

TO Camo, 2 wounds, lots of armor, and a nanopulsar will go a long way towards making the Hac Tao difficult to root out of its hiding spot while also giving him durability on the field during the attacking turn. Use the TO camo to stack bonuses to his advantage instead of relying on it as the only negative mod on the enemy. Range, cover, and surprise are all important factors to keep the Hac Tao alive and dangerous.

Special Tricks

Executive Order is a good way to protect your Hac Tao as a Rambo LT. unit if you end up going second. A Hac Tao draws a lot of attention, and putting him in hidden deployment will make your opponent wary. It's harder to justify using the Hac Tao as a hidden deployment ARO piece, but can also be considered. Popping him out with an Assault Hacker profile as a TAG or HI link rampages into your deployment zone (otherwise) unopposed sure is a surprise for your opponent.


The Hac Tao gets B1 in ARO, so it will struggle in a straight-up fight against a dedicated assault force; just be wary of sinking too many orders into trying to remove it from the field. Multispectral Visors on units with anti-HI weapons are always good. Multi-rifles, AHDs, Multi-snipers, or CC Warbands are all helpful.

Also remember that the Hac Tao is an expensive unit that relies on orders to accomplish its mission. Eliminating its order pool and limiting its maneuverability can be effective.

List Composition

As an expensive lone HI, the Hac Tao can be one of your lists 2-3 'keystone' units. Backed up by a Daofei, a HSIEN, or a Yan Huo you can use the Hac Tao to force bad engagement decisions on your opponent. It will take a lot of orders to clear them off the field, and they can effectively fight through that fire. But make sure to back the Hac Tao up with order batteries so it can accomplish its mission.

The strongest two roles for it are 1) heavy specialist, able to get into dangerous areas and push buttons, or 2) deadly Rambo unit (HMG).

Depending on which of the two slots you fill, make sure to support it with a counterpart HI that can cover the other facet.


Active Turn Role

ARO Options