Guiláng Skirmishers

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Offensive Tools

Guilang lack overly powerful weapons outside of the MSR, but make up for their lack of fancy tools with a very focused toolset. Their combination of high-burst weapons, close range bands, and Multispectral visor lvl1, mean they are excellent at counter-skirmisher hunting in the midfield and in heavy cover. Otherwise middle-of-the-road BS means you'll need to find mods from your defensive arsenal instead of relying just on your +3 range bands.

The combirifle and Boarding shotgun are your standard tools. Paired with the standard multispectral visor, both can be efficient at removing enemy skirmishers. The boarding shotgun can be used in a pinch to attack armored targets or clearing your way towards an objective.

A multisniper is useful when paired with a marker state, MSV, and infiltration.

Defensive Tools

Antipersonnel mines, camo, and near-universal combirifles means that the Guilang likes getting into a midfield cover niche and going into suppressive fire; preferably while protecting access to an objective. Mines help cover other angles, and camouflage makes enemy attacks just that little bit harder.

Special Tricks

A Guilang minelayer can deploy two camo markers, which could be multiple things. It could be a high wip specialist (the FO profile), an MSR waiting for an enemy to move into an ARO position, or a Daofei. Use multiple camo markers to threaten multiple approaches to an objective or threaten a juicy attack lane that your opponent will want to use.

Also consider using alongside a Yan Huo or other 'magnet' unit to slow your opponent down.

As a third option, they are great midfield specialists that can sneak into quick objectives, then spend the rest of the game hunting enemy skirmishers.


Cheap template weapon trade pieces are the Guilang's bane. The Guilang is a relatively expensive platform because of it's multiple roles and can still be threatened by chain rifles and flamethrowers. If they aren't in suppressive fire, they're a relatively fragile platform.

List Composition

One Guilang will fit into just about any list (preferably alongside a Ninja or Daofei, but solo works as well). Two can also fit into a list planning to heavily threaten the midfield during turn one. Maxing out the AVA2 is worth it if you have the available points.


Guilang are camouflage infiltrators with 3 main style of profile: Specialist, Anti-skirmisher, and Sniper. The Guilang is an excellent skirmisher hunter in all its forms, and can effectively counter-deploy to protect midfield objectives.

The specialist is excellent at deploying on or nearby an objective, and quickly grabbing it at the beginning of a game. After that initial objective grab, it can transition into a skirmisher and midfield hunter.

Anti-skirmisher versions consist of the base profile, boarding shotgun, and minelayer versions. These can all be placed forward with the intent to either intercept an enemy skirmisher/midfield specialist as they advance on the first turn. The boarding shotgun will be more effective at close range AROs and protecting closed-in objectives. The minelayer can place template threats looking at enemy markers. The combi-rifle will struggle to defeat dedicated gunfighting platforms, but in suppressive fire can force the opponent to bring larger (and more expensive) tools to bear in clearing out the objective than originally planned.

Active Turn Role

Hunt enemy skirmishers, capture objectives, and plant mines in the way of advancing enemy troops.

ARO Options

Outside of the MSR and suppressive fire, the Guilang prefers to be bunkered down instead of threatening an ARO. But, it's weapons and equipment are good enough that putting them into a position to ward off an advance can be valuable. Just remember how valuable they are in the active turn, and don't throw their lives away unnecessarily.