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The Garuda Tacbot is a surgical unit, relying on its speed and rapid deployment to strike at your opponents flanks. Its profiles let it engage the enemy comfortably at any range.

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Offensive Tools

Defensive Tools

Special Tricks

Because the Garuda has AD:Combat Jump, it can use any AD skill of a lower level. Using AD:Airborne Infiltration, you can circumvent the physique roll AD:Combat Jump requires, walking on the side of the board. With its stellar 6-4 MOV value and a weapon for every range band, you choose the fight your Garuda has to take. Bringing the HMG? walk on close to a long sightline and shoot a model in the back. Love Boarding Shotguns? walk on close to a cheerleader at the back of the board and start crippling your opponents order pools. Just remember that you cannot walk on in your opponents deployment zone.


The Garuda's lack of armor and mediocre BTS mean that it has to choose its battles carefully. A single hacker defending your backline can turn a speedy Garuda into an immobile statue. In your active turn, a multi-spectral visor makes shooting a Garuda almost trivial.

Template weapons are the Garudas greatest fear. With poor defensive stats, the Garuda relies on cover to protect itself in a gunfight, so an Auxbot with a heavy flamethrower or an equivalent unit can remove the Garuda's cover bonus, removing an attack piece from your opponent for the low cost of a G:Synchronized model.

List Composition


Active Turn Role

With its 6-4 MOV value, the Garuda gets places. This allows you to zip around your opponents backline, punishing your opponents deployment with very little retaliation in your active turn.

When you pick a target for the Garuda, avoid camouflaged infiltrators and TAGs and prioritize weaker light infantry first. With no MSV the Garuda has a tough time dealing with camouflage, and its high burst weapons and mimetism let it kill light infantry with relative ease. Most importantly, avoid taking on multiple targets at once. With no armor to speak of, you need to throw every die you have at a single enemy and keep doing it until you run out of targets or the Garuda dies.

The one outlier is the Boarding shotgun profile. A Garuda can drop or walk behind a TAG, shoot it in the back in the good range for the shotgun, and it forces the TAG to dodge to change facing. TAGs dodge on -9(-6 Dodge -3 for dodging an unseen attack), and the Garuda shoots on an 18 (BS12+6 for range). With DAM14 and AP, the Garuda has a very high chance of wounding the TAG.

ARO Options

For the Combi-rifle, Spitfire, and HMG profiles, taking cover and dropping into suppressive fire is your best bet. Stacking a -9 modifier from Mimetism, SF mode, and cover make even the ARM0 Garuda a tough nut to crack.

The Boarding shotgun profile plays a little differently than its longer range counterparts. Hiding in ambush around a corner, or guarding tight corners on the map make it a large speedbump. Avoid ending your turn with the Garuda viewable from more than 8 inches away, as this drastically reduces its combat effectiveness.