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E-Drones are the EVO drone Archetype for the Combined Army and share the same stat line as their equivalents in other factions with the exception of Silhouette value and gaining a Combi Rifle to defend themselves. They are expensive specialists that offer hacking and utility to their forces.

E-Drones Profile.png

Offensive Tools

The drone has a Combi Rifle and Electric Pulse as weapons. It also has access to the hacking programs Breakwater and Brain Blast to use against enemy hackers

In melee it's poor CC stat means it will almost always be better to use Electric Pulse and hope for a poor roll from the opponent (a 35% chance) than to try and fight it out.

Defensive Tools

With ARM 0, BTS 3 and a combi rifle this drone doesn't have much to defend itself with. It can however stop Hackers with Brain Blast or Fireteams with Exile.

Drones are almost always better shooting than Dodging, if they have the option, because of the usual -3 penalty on Dodges and Change Facings that REM troopers suffer. A drone's Silhouette is vertically smaller than a standard trooper making it easier for them to take some kinds of cover, which they will need as they cannot go prone.

Because it has Structure instead of Wounds this unit possesses a second Unconscious state. In effect, it takes one more wound than normal to remove them from the table. It also ignores the "straight to dead" effect of Viral and Shock ammunition.

G: Remote Presence grants Courage meaning it can always choose to not take a Guts roll.

Special Tricks

The E-drone is both a REM and Hacker which means it can allow for remotes to be recruited to the force (effectively allowing itself)

E-drones have access to the frighting "Exile" program allowing you to Isolate members of a Fireteam and break their link. They can also use the program "Good Night" to put unconscious models with G:remote presence straight to the dead state.

E-drones unlock a variety of bonuses from their Hacking device 1: They allow AD troops by providing them a +3 to their PH roll to land (this does not stack with Controlled Jump, does not work on Imetrons). 2: They nullify the -6 modifier to the Sat-Lock skill allowing you to target enemy models from out of LoF with any model with FO and Sensor. 3: They allow for Coordinated Orders to be spent on hacking programs 4: They allow a Strategic Use of Command Tokens when going second to have one Gadget-EVO Supportware program active at the start of the opponent's turn allowing you to start the game with programs like Overclock or Fairy Dust. 5: They allow you to spend a command token and re-roll a failed WIP roll on a Hacking Program by any hacker in the force. A single dice may be re-rolled in this way per token spent.

E-drones also have access to a wide variety of hacking programs to protect hackers, heavy infantry, remotes, and TAGs, and to empower hackers and remotes.


The E-drone is usually a critical part of an opponent's game plan since it is fairly expensive to bring unless it is providing support to other models. As such it should be priority for destruction. Killer hackers can do this job fairly well, remember that Killer Hacking Devices ignore the firewall bonus so you can use an enemy repeater to get at the E-drone. The E-drone will lose a fire fight to almost anything if the opponent leaves it exposed.

List Composition

Bringing a E-drone usually means you are bringing AD, HI, or lots of remotes. It is equipment thrives on synergy and unless you are using some of its bonuses there are likely better choices for a hacker. Consider bringing a full package of remotes (2 M-drones, 2 R-drone, 2 Ikadrone) to make the best use of Overclock. If you only want to use the bonus for AD: Combat jump consider a regular hacker instead. The bonus lasts for a whole turn and most regular hackers bring other useful skills or a lower point cost than the E-drone.


The E-drone should be as hidden as a lieutenant. The enemy will look to take it out if you give them a chance and the more use you are getting from the E-drone the more likely they will prioritize it's destruction.

Active Turn Role

The E-drone will be using hacking programs to buff the force, hacking enemy hack-able targets, and staying out of fire. If there are no other specialist available it can be used to claim objectives but it has the same stats as a line trooper so it wants to stay out of the shooting.

ARO Options

Though it is almost always better for the Remote to Shoot instead of Dodge, the expense of the E-drone can sometimes necessitate making a worse roll that will result in you getting to cover. Weight the odds carefully before making your choice.

A E-drone is a good candidate for a Coordinated Suppression Fire order. It can benefit from support ware such as Overclock to increase its ARO, but is most likely hoping for a Hacking ARO either to break a Fireteam or kill an approaching hacker. Don't forget that from anywhere on the board you can disrupt enemy combat jumps and guided fire as hacking AROs as well.