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The Daylami Infantry are a fairly generic irregular line troop. This also make them very cheap options. However without any source of Inspiring Leadership in Haqqislam, they must be useful on their own and cannot be used as an order battery.

Daylami Infantry Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Daylami have relatively few options for a line troop with a few special weapons and no specialist profiles. They are very low tech even for a low tech faction like Haqqislam, having only Rifles, the ever present shotgun, an HMG, a Light Grenade Launcher, and a Panzerfuast. Their low BS of 11 encourages these guys to be used to harass the opponent and be a general irritation rather than an active turn killer.

The HMG option is a cheap way to get one in your list, but with BS 11 and no offensive mods it is not as suited for hunting as other units.

The Light Grenade Launcher can be use as a "free" speculative fire shot. Again, the profile is so cheap that it can be considered a disposable ARO piece and in the active turn, use it's irregular order to spec fire a Grenade on 5's or even 8's if in a good range band without worrying about wasting regular orders. Pair this profile with one of Haqqislams many great forward observers and all of a sudden you have an incredibly cheap spec firing trooper who does not diminish your order pool.

What the Daylami are known for is their 2 infiltrating profiles.

The first profile is: Inferior Infiltration, Limited Camouflage, Rifle, Light Shotgun. 10 pts 0 SWC

The second is: Inferior Infiltration, Limited Camouflage, Panzerfuast, Light Shotgun. 8 pts .5 SWC

With only PH 10 it is unlikely that a unit will make it's infiltration roll. However these profiles are so cheap that you can take multiples and try the roll several times. Cheap irregular troops that can deploy in your opponents half of the table can provide a very efficient way to surprise shotgun clumped units, shoot heavily armored troopers in the back with a Panzerfuast, or take shots with Rifles from unexpected vantage points.

Defensive Tools

The basic Daylami profiles do not have any inherent defensive mods. Their primary defensive strength is their lost points cost and irregular order. They can be left out to and given sacrificial ARO duty because the loss of the unit does not cost the overall effectiveness of the army.

However there are a few standout defensive profiles.

The first are the Inferior Infiltration/ Limited Camo profiles. These are quality defensive pieces because when they have a successful infiltration, it can be fairly order intensive to remove these units. The infiltrating Rifle can be placed in Suppressive Fire in the opponents half of the table using his own irregular order. The Panzerfuast is simply a very high damage threat for very low investment.

Another great defensive profile is the non-infiltrating Panzerfuast. While it doesn't have any spectacular skills, it is a very expendable 7 point high damage threat.

The final notable defensive profile is the Daylami with HMG. This costs 3 pts, and .5 SWC less than a Ghulam HMG and it's irregular order can be used to place him in Suppressive Fire.

Special Tricks

Being what they are (cheap irregular line troops) Daylami don't have many tricks.

One "trick" that can take your opponent off guard is using a regular order to coordinate 4 irregular troopers. Let's say you have a combat group of 4 Daylami and 2 baggage bots. Given minimal opposition (obviously unlikely), using 2 command tokens and the 2 regular orders from the baggage bots you could coordinate these 4 Daylami to move and shoot, then move and shoot again. This would get all of them 8 inches up the field, then each uses it's own irregular order to go into Suppressive Fire. At this point you have 4 models in Suppressive Fire in the midfield without using any of your orders that you will need to actually complete the mission.

The more common trick they employ has been reviewed extensively in previous sections. With Limited Camo and Inferior Infiltration, these profiles are forced to attempt to deploy in your opponents half of the table. If it works, you have a dangerous and expendable camo token that will either kill something, waste your opponents order pool, or both.


There is nothing extremely special about Daylami so countering Daylami is not difficult. At BS 11, no fireteam options, and no defensive mods they are not difficult to dislodge. However, when facing them you should be careful who you engage them with. They may not be a hard target to defeat but they can pack a mean punch. Couple that with their irregular order and you've got a unit that could do serious damage but that your opponent won't care at all if it is lost.

What this all means is that you should engage Daylami with your own expendable troops whenever possible so that if you take a lucky hit, then it doesn't hurt to badly.

Another way to deal with them is to stack mods in your favor. Since they are BS 11 with limited range bands, you should be able to use the smoke trick to hit them at -12 fairly easily.

List Composition

It is uncommon to see 1 or 2 Daylami. They usually are chosen 3 or 4 at a time because of how cheap and unreliable they are. One Daylami is not really a force to be reckoned with but 3 or 4 can be a fair struggle.

Daylami are often seen filling out more elite lists. They are units that support the active pieces of a list and are not usually relied upon to carry the workload. You will usually see them employed as a harassing unit intended to divert attention away from the units that will be given active turn responsibilities.

However the infiltrators can also be used in a suicidally aggressive role. Take several in the second Combat Group, while leaving one slot empty in group one. Then on your first turn transfer whichever Daylami passed its infiltration roll into group one and attack.


Deploying Daylami depends largely on the load out, but Daylami are generally best used as dedicated ARO pieces. Since they are expendable, any orders your opponent spends on removing them is beneficial to you because that is an order that isn't accomplishing the mission or depleting your own order pool.

The main thing to consider is making sure that the weapon the unit is firing is covering a firelane in it's good range bands.

The exceptions to this rule are the Infiltrators which pass their roll, and have the option to instead be used for suicidal shotgun attacks in the enemy deployment zone.

Panzerfausts you ideally want to cover a heavily armored target, and the guys you plan to put in Suppressive Fire you want to keep safe until they can get into position.

Active Turn Role

Daylami can be used in the active turn to bully any of your opponents units because of their expendability. If the unit is lost then it does not hurt to much. However, at BS 11 and without fireteam options or any offensive mods they are usually fighting at a disadvantage. Because of this, there are usually units better suited to perform almost any task in the active turn.

Again the exception to this are the Infiltrating profiles. Limited Camo still provides Surprise Shot. A Surprise Panzerfuast will often catch opponents off guard. Also both Infiltrating profiles come with a Shotgun as well. If your opponent was kind enough to line up his troops, a Surprise Shotgun in cover and good range bands turns a poor offensive unit into a BS 17 monster who imposes a -6 to return fire!!

ARO Options

The ARO capabilities were largely covered in the Defensive Capabilities section.