Daturazi Witch-Soldiers

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The Daturazi Witch-Soldiers are Combined Army's core warband unit bringing impetuous movement, smoke grenades, and a host of close quarters weapons on a martial arts expert. They are low cost and excel at providing smoke cover or destroying foes in melee.

Daturazi Witch-Soldiers Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Daturazi come standard with a Combi Rifle, pistol, smoke grenades, and Shock close combat weapon which can be upgraded to AP or DA for a minimal or no cost. They also have access to a Combi Rifle and Smoke profile, a boarding shotgun profile. The real core profile though is a 14 point one with Chain Rifle, normal grenades as well as smoke, and a AP CCW. All Daturazi also have a high CC stat and Martial Arts level 4 making them some of the best CC troops in the game.

Defensive Tools

Daturazi have Minimitism standard which somewhat helps with their impetuous state. They also have a high PH stat and Kinematica level 1 allowing them to Dodge very effectively. They also have smoke grenades on all but one profile allowing them to win face to face rolls with many superior foes. Still, if the Daturazi takes a hit they will likely die, so the best defense is to stay out of LoF.

Special Tricks

Special care should be taken with deploying Daturazi as they will be charging the enemy due to impetuous. If placed correctly, they can take a 4 inch move and never enter enemy line of fire, yet still drop smoke in a good place, allowing for a free order. Keep in mind the Morat Sectorial Army that Daturazi are a core link choice, meaning that multiples can be combined into a link after you have lost or no longer need a different core choice, or that you can break their link to make them impetuous and get free orders at the start of your turn.

Daturazi bring smoke which is reason enough to bring them. Smoke grenades allow you to exploit Multi-Spectral Visors (of which Combined Army has several good platforms) and get models into better positions. It is also a good way to get the Daturazi into melee where they can kill even heavy models such as TAGs or HI. Additionally, the Daturazi's access to chain rifles mean they can force hits on multiple light models easily punching above their weight.

Datarazi can fire a chain rifle from within Smoke by using the Intuitive Attack long skill. The Daturazi will roll WIP as a F2F roll against all enemies in the area of effect. Those enemies will dodge at a -6 for the zero visibility zone. This can be an effective way to remove melee experts that threaten the Datarazi, or to assure you get your hits in without threat of losing the witch soldier.

Even though they are aggressive warband type units, Daturazi are still Morats meaning that they will remain regular even during lost of lieutenant.


Despite minimitism and smoke Daturazi die easy enough to ranged combat. This is because they never gain cover (outside of a link team) and usually have short range weapons. Attacking them with a visor can avoid their defensive bonuses or even negate their ability to smoke dodge altogether. Because they are impetuous, you can also set up troops or Mines to destroy them in the reactive turn forcing your opponent to cancel their impetuous order or take risks in moving them up field. Be careful though, because a clever CA player may use this to bait AROs and then take out the enemy ARO troopers with a hidden or superior shooter. The one way you should never try to remove Daturazi is by melee. Even melee experts will find themselves on even footing or worse with these deadly warbands.

List Composition

In generic Combined Army the Daturazi are the best source of smoke and for the low cost of 14 points, they can fit in almost any list. Bringing 2 or three will give you smoke (sometimes at no order cost due to impetuous) a close range killer and deployment zone guardian that will give AD troopers pause. In the Morat Sectorial Army they fill the same roles but can be brought as a core link option as well. Given all the other options for Morat links the Daturazi seem weak at first, but they are a very good attrition piece allowing you to push into enemy deployment zones and target the order pool or high value enemies. Even if you lose them, you are out no more than 90 points or so and likely still have a Haris or Specialists to accomplish your mission. They form a good choice for an aggressive, attrition based link team.


Because of their Impetuous rule, Daturazi are best deployed further than 4" behind cover so that their movement does not carry them into enemy LoF. Savvy opponents will place a model to be the closest model to the Daturazi to control their movement and draw them into fire. The ideal place for a Daturazi is also one where they can throw smoke - even from a longer distance - to make best use of their free order. Remember that Daturazi can only gain cover if they are part of a link team (which allows them to ignore their impetuous state) so it's Full Cover or No Cover for them. Finally, if the board has a pathway of very tight terrain which the opponent does not contest, it can be worth dropping a Daturazi there to move up and try and reach the backfield.

Active Turn Role

In the Active Turn the Daturazi will want to make use of their Impetuous order to drop smoke in a good position, or get to position to threaten valuable models. Daturazi are cheap enough to risk or lose to kill several enemy models, but their tactical value means you will often want to play them more conservatively until they have a chance to approach the enemy without taking AROs. The cheap chain rifle profile also has normal Grenades which it can use to Speculative Fire at an amazing target number of 11 within 8” of an enemy. In a link team in the Morat Sectorial Army, the Daturazi can use their numbers and smoke to move far up field and then engage at close range using Boarding shotguns, Combi rifles, or Chain rifles on soft targets and melee on hard targets. In these cases, once the Link has killed a few good targets, its best to bring them back to safety and force the enemy to dig them out.

ARO Options

In ARO a Daturazi most likely wants to make use of their smoke grenades to Special Dodge. Smoke Grenades are fired with PH so dropped at their feet will give you a dodge at 17s with Minimitism. Do remember that they will not be able to use cover unless they are in a link team due to impetuous. If an enemy is particularly close then it may be worth risking the Daturazi for a chain rifle shot. It will likely mean losing the Daturazi but often the enemy will be worth more than you. In link they can dodge with smoke, but sometimes it might be worth breaking the link near the end of the enemy turn with a model that wants to use it's impetuous order on the next active turn.